Brand Overview: Skin Syrup

Thai skincare brand Skin Syrup blends natural extracts from Africa, India, Korea and blends it with Thai and Chinese herbs to create products that keep the skin fresh, relaxed, and clean. They sent over their entire line and I had fun playing with all of them.

The Radiance Facial Wash Gel contains indian gooseberry to cleanse and stimulate collagen production, vitamin b to soften, and vitamin b5 to smooth and reduce irritation. This helps me achieve a clean and fresh face. It’s not honestly just an okay product but it does feel gentle on the skin. I prefer cleansing foams to gel so I don’t reach for this often.

The Fresh Mineral Water Spray is honestly a mystery to me. It uses water from a hot spring to keep your skin fresh and hydrated. However, I prefer a more hardworking and more hydrating mist because my skin easily gets dehydrated.

The Radiance Facial Serum contains kigelia africana extract to strengthen and tighten, indian pomegranate extract to protect and brighten, gingko biloba to restore and tighten, licorice extract to balance, ginseng extract to plump and hydrate, and chamomile extract to soothe protect. This feels very light on the skin and it sinks in quickly, making it a good morning serum. It might provide brightening results slower than other but it leaves the skin feeling smooth and bouncy.

The Radiance Facial Moisturizer contains the same ingredients as the Radiance Facial Serum, it also feels lightweight. It has a somewhat runny consistency which gets absorbed quickly into the skin. I usually put this on at daytime because it’s lightweight and doesn’t feel uncomfortable and sticky even when I sweat. However, I cannot differentiate its benefits from the serum so I only end up using this or the serum most days.

Lastly, their Vital Lip Balm contains camellia oil, rosehip oil, beeswax, babana oil extract, and jojoba oil to soothe, moisturize, and heal the lips. It feels nourishing and moisturizing on the lips so it’s a good everyday lip balm option. However, for lips that are chapped or lips that easily dries, you might need a more moisturizing option.

To be honest, these face products might be too gentle for me. Their packaging is genius and would be great travel companions and are good at nourishing and moisturizing the skin but I tend to look for stronger products if I really need hydration and brightening.

They have three variants of shower gel. Revive shower smells and feels refreshing and leaves the skin soft and smooth after wash. It claims to reduce dark spots but I have yet to notice its effects on me. Activate is my most favorite among the three because of the fruity scent. Calm has a soothing scent perfect to cap off the day. I like using this on days when my skin feels dry and needs a bit of calm.

For haircare, the Restore Scalp Treatment Shampoo lathers quickly when massaged onto the hair. It has a refreshing smell and doesn’t dry out my hair. The Restore Scalp Treatment Conditioner is not creamy and melts immediately onto the hair as it is applied. It’s pretty to look at as it has shimmers in it. It’s non-drying and it did soften my hair but I always feel like I need to use more than the usual amount to cover for all areas.

To soften the skin, the Revive Lotion has a runny consistency. It’s so lightweight that it feels as if you’re just applying water on your skin, only that it leaves it moisturized and smelling nice – this applies to the Calm Lotion variant too. It smells very floral and absorbs really nice in seconds. They are both easy to use and carry around, thanks to its packaging. It has a nice and relaxing smell too. With these, my skin is left soft and smooth, without any sticky feeling.

The Restore Hair Coat Serum nourishes my hair and scalp to leave it soft and less wavy. I recently had my hair layered so the unwanted waves and flyaways were inevitable. I applied this on my damp hair to see if it would help calm the waves and it surprisingly did. It left my hair soft, less wavy, and looking healthy.

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Skincare Review: Mellow Naturals Serums

Combining ingredient sources from Thailand and modern natural skincare, Mellow Naturals created skincare products that are natural, locally-sourced, and without synthetics, parabens, phthalates, fillers, formaldehyde, glycols and anything else harmful or chemical-derived.

The Clarifying Face Serum with Sophora Root ($29.95) is an acne and oil control serum that comes in a clear liquid with a very subtle scent.

When applied on the skin, it gets absorbed very quickly and has a light feeling. Since this product comes with high antioxidants and antibacterial properties, it is best to use to minimize breakouts and prevent scarring. This product suits my skin type and I used it on my T-zone since this is where I secrete the most oil. I noticed this serum was able to reduce the oily appearance of my skin and even lighten some dark spots within a month’s usage. While there are other products in the market that could lighten dark spots faster than this serum, the Mellow formulation is very gentle and is worth a try for those who have oily and sensitive skin.

The Botanical Concentrated Face Serum ($26.45) promises to brighten the skin and minimize pores. I was intrigued by this product because of its bright yellow color and strong turmeric scent. I personally didn’t mind the scent so much but I see how it could put others off. I found that the best area to apply this serum would be on the sides of my nose and towards my cheeks since this is the area my pores looked quite large. This serum absorbed nicely into my skin. Using this product for two weeks harbored no negative effects on my skin but didn’t do much difference to my pores. I would recommend it for people with dry skin.

The Vit. C Natural Glow Face Serum ($28.85) is a natural whitening formula and has a cloudy white color with a creamy consistency that has a subtle citrus scent. I decided to test out this product on my undereye area since late night movie binges have gotten them quite dark. This product absorbed quickly and felt nice on my skin. I enjoyed tapping it lightly into my under eye area. My under eye area looked brighter than before. I would recommend this product for people of all skin types who need to brighten or lighten areas on their face.

The Hydration Drops ($26.45) is a face oil with a blend of Argan, Rosehip and Strawberry oil. It is an antioxidant and moisturizing booster that leaves your skin feeling nourished. It is a clear unscented oil that absorbs well feels light on the skin. I decided to apply this oil to my jaw, neck and decollete area for a month and it left my skin feeling hydrated and well-moisturized. I would recommend this for people of all skin types who need a hydration boost.

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