Selfcare Review: Scilla Rose Amethyst Face Roller and Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha Beauty Set

Did some face massage using the Amethyst Face Roller from Scilla Rose before doing my makeup. I have constantly been reaching for this lately because it’s my first time using an amethyst face roller.

Amethysts are known to detoxify, purify the mind, tighten pores, improve the elasticity of the skin, reduce dark circles under eyes, and promote lymphatic drainage. The roller is double-sided and feels relaxing on the skin. It’s a tad bit heavier than the other face rollers I’ve tried but it’s equally soothing.

They also sent their Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha Beauty Set. Rose Quartz is known to help eliminate toxins, reduce puffiness, roll out wrinkle and expression lines, brighten, improve elasticity, relieve stress, promote lymphatic drainage, reduce dark circles, soothe inflammation, and improve blood circulation.

I like using the smaller end of the rollers around my eyes. I can go one day without doing a face massage but I can’t without massaging my eye area. It just relaxes me instantly. It’s a form of relaxation that instantly affects my mind, which I badly need at the end of each day. I use the guasha on my jawline or at my temples to help relieve my tension headaches and I use the rollers to help with puffiness in the morning or to do a full-on face massage at night after doing my skincare routine.

These tools are just really helpful for me when it comes to relaxation and stress.

The Scilla Rose Amethyst Face Roller and Rose Quartz Roller and Gua Sha Beauty Set were provided by @scillarose. Available at

Monthly Favorites: September 2018

So excited to start this monthly thing! For September, which lasted for like 10 minutes, here are the things that stood out to me. This month is not as smooth-sailing as the others – I got sick, I finally launched this site, and got to know a lot of products that I used even after I finished reviewing them.


Juva Skincare Brightening Facial Jelly

Juva Skincare uses Fullerene as the main ingredient in its skincare products. This Taiwan-founded brand also uses white jelly fungus, a natural moisturizer, designed for the skin to achieve and radiant glow. I have tried their Brightening Essence before and got good results so, I was excited to incorporate their other products into my morning routine. Used as an in-shower mask, the Brightening Facial Jelly has fullerene, cucumber extract, ginseng root extract, and algae extract to restore your skin’s firmness and glow.

I like using this before I get in the shower and rinse it off once I finish my shower routine as per the directions, this is recommended to stay on your face for 5 minutes. It smells very grassy and has a very gel-like texture that spreads thinly onto the face. It’s an extra step in the mornings but it doesn’t seem like it because I only have to have this on during my entire shower routine. It results in a refreshed and bright skin afterward. It is extremely useful during those days when you didn’t get enough sleep or if your skin is looking really dull. Available at


Jullai Super 12 Bounce Essence Oil Toner

Jullai uses natural ingredients and the cold-slow brow method. This method claims to retain the power of its natural ingredients by brewing for 168 hours. Their products are made free of parabens, sulfates, and artificial fragrances. Super 12 promotes bouncy skin with extracts of tomato, cauliflower, sweet almond, blackberry, magnolia berry, bayberry, artichoke leaf, pomegranate, spirulina, sea buckthorn, wintergreen, chia seed, and balloon flower.

With its gel-like consistency, the Super 12 Bounce Oil Toner almost feels like a serum. It contains sea buckthorn oil, olive oil, and jojoba oil to hydrate, nourish, tone, and firm skin. It sinks in quickly and is best applied by massaging it onto my face with my hands. Using a cotton pad would require more product. I thought this would leave a tacky feeling to the skin but actually just leaves it soft and plump. It provides an instant bouncy effect to the skin. I use this morning and night to prep my skin and leave it looking healthy and soft. Available at


Beauty Bio Rose Quartz Roller

The Rose Quartz Roller from Beauty Bio comes from sustainably harvested Brazilian rose quartz that claims to de-puff and de-stress the skin. It also promotes lymphatic drainage, helps tighten and reduces the appearance of pores, improves skin texture and tone, and minimizes the appearance of dark under-eye circles.

This roller is one of the best-made rollers I’ve tried. It doesn’t creak, doesn’t shake, and is just relaxing for the skin. It’s also my first rose quartz roller and the quality is just very luxe. It’s not as cold as the jade rollers I’ve tried but it feels equally relaxing. I have not noticed a difference on my under eye circles and my pores but I feel that this has helped even the tone and the texture of my skin as it helped the circulation on my face. I like using this after using the serum and while watching a show to relax and de-stress. Available at


NatureLab Tokyo Volume Shampoo and Conditioner

With the philosophy that healthy scalp is the secret to radiant, healthy hair, NatureLab Tokyo is devoted to simple, cleansing-focused routines with high quality, high performing ingredients. Their Volume Shampoo is a rice protein-enhanced shampoo that aims to build full-bodied, rebellious volume while the Volume Conditioner claims to create a balance of a major moisture conditioner and blowout-like volume enhancer. Both contain apple stem cells to replenish and maintain a healthy scalp, rice protein to build volume, add moisture, and improve the appearance of fine, thin hair, soy protein to strengthen and restore the hair’s thickness, and sakura extract to lock in color brightness and increase moisture. These are also made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, animal testing, animal cruelty.

The Shampoo has a nice floral smell, which according to the site are inspired by cherry blossoms. It feels lightweight and doesn’t foam much but I like that isn’t drying or stripping to the hair. It just leaves volume to the hair without making it frizzy. The Volume Conditioner has a stronger smell than the shampoo and it smells like bubblegum. This has a generic conditioner texture but it feels more lightweight than the others, which I like. I have thin fine hair and a product can easily bring it down. This doesn’t do it. It just made my hair soft and smooth afterward, not greasy at all. Available for $14 each at this link. I am an affiliate so every time you shop on my link, I’ll get a commission. 😉


Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub

Frank Body uses naturally derived and cruelty-free ingredients. They also infuse coffee in their skincare products that promise to leave you soft and smooth from head to toe. The Original Coffee Scrub claims to address breakouts, scars, and marks and promises to leave the skin perky, even, and soft. It contains robusta coffee grinds to stimulate blood flow and promote collagen production, cold pressed sweet almond oil to hydrate, vitamin e to protect the skin from free radicals, and sea salt to tackle dry, flaky skin without irritation. This smells like blended coffee, which I really enjoy. It’s sweeter and milkier in terms of smell than the other coffee scrubs I’ve tried. A bit rough on the skin but the aftereffects are unlike its texture. It left my skin silky smooth. You’re supposed to leave this for 2-3 minutes so I like to do this on the weekends for my self-care weekend. It has helped in softening my calluses and dry patches after more than a month of use. It can get quite messy in the shower, though, but what I like about this is it can easily be cleaned. It doesn’t leave marks on my shower area. Available at


Kali The Wipette

Kali provides organic feminine hygiene products in a monthly box that’s customizable based on your needs. There are tampons, liners, and other hygiene products but for my box, the Wipette really stood out. The quality of the cotton Kali used in all their products is in high quality. There are no tearing and everything is long-lasting. Since the Wipette is wrapped one by one, they are easy to carry around and they don’t add bulk to my purse. Also, very sanitary. They can also clean everything properly. It’s the item I went through first. Available at kaliboxes.