Haircare Review: Prose Hair (New Hair Goals)

Similar to how I use skincare products, I usually switch hair products daily. If I don’t, my hair either gets too oily or too dry.

Prose Hair graciously sent over their new set containing personalized shampoo, conditioner, and pre-shampoo hair mask. Note that this is not a reorder of my old set. Their site lets you personalize your hair needs and hair goals every time you order. For this set, I focused on my concerns on oil, dandruff, dryness, and damage with the goal of having smooth and shiny hair.

My set contains jujube bark, prebiotics, and wintergreen extract to cleanse my scalp, maca root, nasturtium, and biotin to promote growth, collagen, lilac, and hyaluronic acid to nourish, apple vinegar and caviar lime to fight dullness, vegetal oil to condition, fermented rice water to smooth, oat lipid and sunflower extract to restore hair protein. The set is also cruelty-free and is made without of sulfates, parabens, dyes, mineral oils, and GMO.

The past few weeks, this set, which has their Signature scent (floral and powdery) has helped keep my sensitive scalp controlled. I still need to wash my hair every day, using the Prose Shampoo ($25) and Conditioner ($25) every other day to smooth my hair and purify my scalp. This prevented my scalp from getting too oily or too dry. Their Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask ($38) has always been a favorite and, again, this didn’t disappoint as it rebalances my scalp then leaving my hair smooth and soft for at least three days. Honestly, I just have a soft spot for prose and they never did my hair wrong since I started using their products more than a year ago.

The Prose Shampoo, Conditioner, and Pre-Shampoo Hair Mask were provided by @prose. Available as a set for $88 at

Haircare Battle: Prose Across Seasons

As a lover of personalized anything, Prose is right up my alley. The brand provides ultra-customized hair care, so much so that you’re asked to fill out a questionnaire before you can begin using any of their products. They personalize haircare products from season to season to address climate concerns like humidity, UV, wind, and pollution based on your zip code. Each set comes with a personalized shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. All their products are also formulated without sulfates, parabens, dyes, mineral oils, GMOs, and cruelty.

I have tried and love the effects of prose on my hair the first time but I wanted to test it again under a different circumstance, somewhere more warm and humid to see how it would work.

Based on my answers the first time, I was recommended a Total Cleanse Shampoo for smooth and vibrant hair, Body Boost Conditioner for perfect curls, and a Hair Mask. All the products contain collagen, lilac, and hyaluronic acid to protect and repair and honey to volumize the hair.

The scent, mine is Perle, is definitely one of the things I liked about the product. It definitely conveyed a sense of relaxation and personal care. Vaguely reminded me of musk, sandalwood tones, but nothing too rich or overpowering.

The Shampoo, which promises to provide Smooth & Vibrant hair and Total Cleanse, was really cleansing. I can really feel this remove all the products that have been in my hair without really stripping my hair of shine and luster.

The Body Boost Conditioner is my favorite. Aimed to be Curl Perfecting and Body Boost, it’s one of the lightest conditioners I’ve tried which is perfect for my oily scalp. It didn’t make my scalp greasy or my strands limp. In fact, this gave my hair a bit of a lift, like it was lightly blowdried. I once used this on a really warm day and it didn’t make my hair limp or greasy. It just handled the frizz.

The Hair Mask is a 250mL tub containing a thick, yellowish mix that was more liquid than your typical conditioner. The immediate observation is the softness. Even the frizzy hair was soft to the touch, and not dry and “crunchy” as it usually was.

Since I went somewhere warm and humid, I ordered another personalized set, looking to solve excess oil and dandruff. I wanted for my hair to be smooth and have volume and shine.

First off, the state of my hair now. I cut it shorter and have achieved better hair through haircare. However, my fine strands can’t be stopped. There are still flyaways and the smaller hairs around my face still tend to rise instead of following the natural direction of the other hairs, which is down. I need to use a texturizing mist to control them. I also almost always wear my hair into a bun. Since I’m always at work, I don’t want to be bothered with my hair going to my face. I’ve also been suffering from a bit of dandruff from the previous hair product I’ve used.

The scent I got this time around is in Botanica. It smells fresh and a bit minty, which I enjoy. The scent is also more subtle.

The Shampoo, which contains maca root, vegetal oil, fermented rice water, jujube bark, prebiotics, and wintergreen extract, feels really gentle on my scalp. It works to give Straight & Smooth hair and to Purify & Detox the strands. This doesn’t make my hair oily and my scalp itchy. It feels light on the hair and leaves my hair smooth and tamed.

As usual, I very much enjoy the Conditioner. My conditioner is designed to smoothen the hair and protect it from humidity. Containing silicone, lemongrass essential oil, honey, apple vinegar, caviar lime, and fermented rice water, it has the same whipped-like texture as the first conditioner that feels light on my hair. Same as before, it doesn’t feel like a moisturizer, unlike most conditioners, which works really well with my dry scalp and easily oily hair. It’s one of the best conditioners I have tried to be honest.

The Hair Mask, which I use once a week has provided my hair shine and softness like no other. It contains maca root, nasturtium, biotin, jujube bark, prebiotics, and wintergreen extract, and honey. It doesn’t feel suffocating to my scalp and it’s also easy to use. It feels light on the hair but leaves my strands looking healthy and smooth.

Overall, I was happy with the results. I’ve been alternating the Shampoo and the Conditioner for a month now and I have not felt my scalp become too oily or too dry, my hair too limp or too frizzy. Everything was just right. As with my experience with Prose before, the set has made my hair soft, smooth, and healthy.

The Prose Hair Customized Shampoo, Conditioner, and Hair Mask were provided by Prose for review.

Warm Weather Beauty


Warm weather is a time for friends, vacations, and tans. For some, it is also a time for sweat, sunburns, overexposure to the sun. Similar to how we use particular products to our face for the winter, we also need to do some changes at this time. There are just some products that work best when the sun is up.

Cleanse Like You Mean It. For someone with oily skin like me, I rotate two cleansers during the warmer months. I use the Clean Bee from Farmacy daily for gentle but effective cleansing and the Exfoliating Cleanser from Zo Skin Health for those days when I’ve been outdoors for too long. This helps to remove all that extra grime and dirt my face encounters during the day. For removing makeup, which I never forget even after a long night, I go for the All Clean Balm from Heimish or the Under the Waterfall Crystal Cleansing Water from Girl Undiscovered. You bet, I have cleansed my face half asleep. Yes, I created a huge mess in my bathroom but I didn’t wake up with a pimple the morning after.

Exfoliate after Being Outdoors For Too Long. Twice a week, I use a more decongesting mask during these warmer months because I breakout more at this time. Oily skin types get greasier and if we’re outdoors for too long, there are more things we encounter that will clog our pores. I use the Sailor by CB Gentle Resurfacing Mask midweek to refresh and rejuvenate my skin or the Cleansing Clay Exfoliant from Alchemy Holistics if my face is really feeling clogged. I also use my trusty Sukari Baby Facial from Drunk Elephant during the weekends to get that renewed skin feeling after a week under the sun.


Clear, Bright Skin. Since I break out more during these warmer months, I go for toners and serums that will help prevent these. I also always use a more hydrating toner like Ultra Botanic Skin Water from A by Bom to hydrate my skin and help keep the oil at bay. I follow this with the Biologique Recherche P50 to help me eliminate blackheads and breakouts. I use the P50 sparingly as because of its strength and alternate this something gentler, like the Le Dew Aloe Facial Refresher Mist.

To treat my skin concerns, I use the Vitamin C Serum from Mad Hippie Skincare evens and brightens the skin tone. This serum is also great from those moments that can’t be helped – when breakouts and, consequently, dark spots can happen as this fast-tracks fading those pesky dark spots. I always reach for the Moisture Serum from Pyunkangyul to hydrate and moisturize the skin. Whenever I use this, I don’t get that oily throughout the day.

It’s Warm but It Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Moisturize. Even with oily skin, long exposures to the sun can cause your skin to dry out. Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized is key. For the face, I use the True Aqua Bomb from Belif, which is a gel-type moisturizer that soothes, moisturizes, and hydrates the skin after a long day. In the morning, I use the Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet from Caudalie in the morning because it’s lightweight, dries matte, and it reduces the redness around my nose.


Don’t Forget About the Rest of Your Body. The rest of my body is as dry as my skin is oily. The All in 1 Beauty Aid Cream from Touch In Sol is a savior as it contains ceramide to provide a non-sticky and easily absorbed moisture to the skin. For my hair, I use Prose to condition my hair. They customize their products from season to season, to address climate concerns like humidity, UV, wind, and pollution and they base the formula on your zip code.

For my hair, which gets drier as the temperature rises, I like to keep it natural and use the Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray from Dry Bar. With this, I can just loosely twist my hair, spray this on, leave it for 15 mins, and I will get beach waves that will last for 6 hours before I see a slight limping. If I want a more stylized look, I will reach for the Fatboy Hair Sea Salt Pomade as this doesn’t make my hair look frizzy, especially at the ends. It can make my hair look undone and but not crazy. It’s also great for creating a tousled look. Both products also get you in a good mood because they both smell beachy.


If I’m looking to glow, I go to the Plum Rose Organic Body Oil from Coast Sydney Botanicals. It’s not sticky and it creates a subtle sheen, which of course looks great while you’re lounging outdoors. Most importantly, however, we need protection. I usually reach for No Excuses from Julep, which I use for every day. When I’m going to the beach or know that I’m going to be under the sun for too long, I use the Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector from Shiseido it’s light, oil-free, and appears matte when applied to my skin.

Of course, we need some color. Makeup Sticks are my go-to for this time. Multi-purpose products are paving the way to packing light after all the Lip Crayon from Axiology in Bliss as it gives me the perfect salmon pink lip. For natural-looking rosy cheeks, I go for the Cream Blush from Nui Berlin in Pititi. It’s a lifesaver because I can use this on my eyes as well. For a punch of highlight, I use Glossier’s Haloscope in Topaz for a dewy sheen.

With this long list, I can now focus on how to pack them all.