Cult Favorite: Kevyn Aucoin Neo-Blush

You guys know how much I prefer cream blushes but I have a few powder blush exceptions. I have the shade Sunset of the Kevyn Aucoin Neo-Blush and since I’ve been trying out other blush shades, I wanted to try this bright coral shade on my cheeks. Yes, this is in powder form but it applies seamlessly even when I use cream highlighters underneath. It doesn’t highlight my pores and it applies like butter on the skin. The shade is perfect for summer and it suits my medium-toned skin. I love that I feel like I’m getting a variety of shades in one compact, I can either go deeper using the rightmost end more or lighter by using the other end of the compact.

This product was provided by @kevynaucoin.

Makeup Review: Lancome Blush Subtil and Matte Shaker Liquid Lip

Really been into exploring colors lately, especially the products that Lancome gifted me.

I never go out of the house without blush because if I do, people will ask me if I’m okay. This has happened more times than I’d like to count. The Blush Subtil from Lancome is a powder blush that feels soft on the skin. It’s pigmented and I like the shades Blush 4 U as it gives me a bright flush and Shimmer Mocha Havana because it works as a subtle bronzer with a slight sheer for my skin tone. Though I prefer cream blushes, this is a good option for touch-ups.

If I can only describe the Matte Shaker Liquid Lip from Lancome in one word, it would be flirty. I haven’t tried the original shaker but this one feels like a watery tint with more pigmentation. It takes a bit of time to dry however, I like how this doesn’t dry out my lips. It also feels light when as it dries, it doesn’t feel like most liquid lips though. I especially enjoy the cushion sponge applicator because it provides that gradient look I always go for. I have gripes on its staying power though because it doesn’t last even after one drink. I have to touch up and thankfully it’s so small. The shade Beige Vintage is a nude that’s exactly my lip color and Dark Fiction is great for nights out.

The Lancome Blush Subtil and Matte Shaker Liquid Lip was provided by Octoly.

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Skincare and Makeup Review: Seraphine Botanicals Carrot + Rose Hydrating Cream, Camelina + Strobe Luminizing Primer, Happy Hibiscus Blush, and Berry + Juice Lip Gel

For the past few weeks, my morning routine is composed of the products sent over by Seraphine Botanicals, a vegan, cruelty-free brand.

I start with the Carrot + Rose Hydrating Cream ($19), which is formulated with glycerine to soothe, nourish, and moisturize the skin. This moisturizer feels lightweight on the skin. It sinks in quickly after application and doesn’t leave a greasy feel. It has a creamy texture and has a very light sweet scent to it. I only wear this on colder days as I need more hydrating products when it’s warm and humid.

I really enjoy luminzing primers so I immediately played with the Camelina + Strobe Luminizing Primer ($18). It contains rose hydrosol and camelina seed oil to provide a smooth and radiant base before makeup application. It applies lightly on the skin and serves as a good makeup base, especially when I’m going for a dewy look. I also like to apply this alone or mix it with my moistures when I want to look glowing even when barefaced as it looks natural when applied.

For some color, the Happy Hibiscus Blush ($18) aims to provide color on the cheeks for up to 8 hours. I honestly prefer cream over powder blushes as it looks more natural on my skin. I like the peachy pink color of this one, though. The pigmentation is decent but the powder emphasizes the enlarged pores on my cheeks and I would also need to reapply every now and then. This might be best used by those who don’t have that much texture on their skin.

The Berry + Juice Lip Gel is made with shea butter, soybean, safflower seed oil, sunflower seed oil, blackberry extract, and raspberry fruit extract to hydrate the lips while providing shine and tint. It comes in the shade Rose Currant, Pink Berry, and Cherry Compote.

I don’t wear gloss that much but I reach out for these when I do. My personal favorite is Cherry Compote. All three lip gels feel moisturizing on the lips without being too sticky. The colors look very natural and they smell amazing too. On days I want to look natural, I just reach out for Pink Berry and Rose Currant above a dark lip.

The Seraphine Botanicals Carrot + Rose Hydrating Cream, Camelina + Strobe Luminizing Primer, Happy Hibiscus Blush, and Berry + Juice Lip Gel were provided by @seraphinebotanicals. Available at

Brand Overview: Kosas Cosmetics

I am just going to rave about Kosas Cosmetics. Their lip colors are one of the first I reviewed when I started my instagram and, not surprisingly, I still have the same thoughts.

All their products are also made without parabens, phthalates, BHA/BHT, mineral oil, propylene glycol, polyethylene glycol, phenoxyethanol, fragrance, and petrolatum. Their products are also vegan and gluten, egg, nut, soy, and cruelty-free.

When I saw the Tinted Face Oil from, I honestly didn’t pay it any mind. I mean, Tinted Face Oil? For my oily skin? I know a lot of people has said that you can fight oil with oil but this is just so new and so farfetched for me. I was curious, yes, because, in my opinion, this is the ultimate skincare meet makeup concept that I agreed on in such a long time but. It made me want to try but my oily skin is pulling me back. Then Kosas sent it over to me and it honestly took me a week before I got around into trying it.

For those who didn’t know the Tinted Face Oil ($42) promises to be both a feather-weight medium coverage foundation and deeply hydrating skin elixir. It aims to even skin tone, minimize pores, and erase imperfections. It contains avocado oil to hydrate, meadowfoam oil to lock moisture and plump, red raspberry oil to repair and tone, jojoba oil to soothe and balance, green tea seed oil to fight free radicals and pollution, and rosehip seed oil to brighten and clarify. It’s also cruelty-free, vegan, and is formulated without gluten, parabens, silicones, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, PEG, and petrolatum.

Predictably, it really does feel like oil, with a bit of graininess into it. What surprised me though is how fast it sunk into my skin and how it immediately dried into a velvet finish. It almost felt powder-like without the texture and streakiness. It also has medium coverage without feeling like it. This is just so unlike anything I’ve tried before – thinner than bb cream and tinted moisturizer and has better coverage, as thin as skin tints but not as sheer, not cake like powder foundations, and not heavy and drying like full coverage foundations. It has carved itself a new category and for that alone, I applaud them.

For my oily skin, this is best used over thin serums and moisturizers as this doesn’t play well over a thick sunscreen or moisturizer. I once had a mistake of doing that and the tinted face oil moved around after a couple of hours.

With my preferred application of about four drops and a damp sponge, this leaves a velvety finish and lasts long, especially when I’m just staying indoors. It was able to even out my skin tone, which I like, and seems like it also does the job of making the high parts of my face glow. It made my skin look bright and healthy and stayed that way for about 6 hours. It also played well with both powder and cream face products. It also kept my skin hydrated and it did not aggravate my oily skin. Though I wouldn’t be using this on a warm day while staying outdoors, it works as a daily foundation when I’m mostly staying indoors. Those who have dry skin will have a field day with this one as this will provide moisture to the skin and a velvet finish that will leave your complexion glowing and even.

With the expanding their portfolio of products come the Lipfuel ($18), a first in their capsule collection, Kosasport.

Lipfuel promises to be a hydrating lip balm that seals in moisture and protects from environmental damage to nourish the lips. It contains wild mint for flavor and sensation, konjac root to create a gel-like barrier to protect and to seal in nourishment, hyaluronic acid to lock in hydration, and vitamin e to smooth, repair, and plump.

To be honest, this is the only pocketable lip balm in my collection. Aside from the drugstore option, most brands have put balms in small tubs where you dip your fingers (which is icky that’s why I mostly use them at night), or have it in a tube but has a little bit of gloss (making in on-trend – a party but also a nourishment thing.)

So, Lipfuel is the good middle ground. It’s a light jelly texture that doesn’t feel heavy on the lips nor does it sit on top of it. It just settles into a thin protective film that feels hydrating and moisturizing. Of course, this isn’t one of those things that last through meals but since it’s easy to carry around, it’s easy to reapply. What I noticed though is that the gel-like film might be wiped off but the moisture stays for a few hours more. The color Rush makes my dull-colored lips look a bit pink while Pulse is on the redder side and Baseline applies clear.

Lipfuel is for those always on the go but wants a bit of natural color on their lips while nourishing it.

For more color and coverage, Weightless Lip Color contains green tea seed oil, grape seed oil, rosehip seed oil, mango seed butter, shea butter, and sweet orange oil to moisturize, heal, soothe, and condition the lips while providing colors on the lips that suits all skin tones.

Their Weightless Lip Colors ($28) are still matte but not drying, lightweight yet pigmented. You can either swipe this for maximum color or tap it on your lips and build until you get your perfect shade. What’s new this time are the magnetic caps and laminated packaging, which I love, because I like my Kosas Lipcolors with me at all times. I have honestly restocked my Undone just because I lost the cap.

One of the shades I played around with is Stardust, a medium-sheer, warmer tone peachy pink. I kept telling everyone that Undone is my perfect mauve nude then this came around. It’s my lips but better with a matte lightweight finish that’s really perfect for every day. It’s lighter and more peach/pink nude than undone so I like using this when I want to look like a have a clean face or when I’m doing really heavy eye makeup.

Darkroom, on the other hand, is a cooler wine tone but not as dark as I thought it would be. Dabbing it on my lips is my favorite way to apply it for the tinted effortless look, like I just happened to have a wine-colored lip color, no biggie. I had wine at 10 am or I just really had fun the night before, you will never know. You will also never ask because it looks good on me.

Phoenix, honestly, is a color I would never go for. It’s what I call too red (Kosas described it as fiery red.) The extent of my red experience is putting that color or my nails, never on my lips. I gave this a try, however, and this just brightened my whole look. It’s a statement color, yes, but it’s so nice to put on when I don’t have time to do my base makeup in the morning. I could just dab this on my lips and go on with my day.

Another color I have is Fringe, which I bought together with my Undone. It’s a warm toned deep red shade that applies on my lips a bit orange. It’s on the rusty side for and it what I like using when I want more depth in my lipcolor but do not want a shocking red or berry. It goes so well when I do a peachy bronzed look.

I have talked to @beautedefile and @stilblut about how amazed I am with these lipsticks. Kosas wasn’t kidding around when they claimed that their lip colors look good on everyone because I have been using Undone for about 2 years now and have seen it on them and it looks good but different. I honestly love these lip colors and I will forever use them.

With the many makeup products that I own, one would think that I have all the colors I would want and need for any situation. However, I have more nude pink lipsticks than I’d like to admit, and I’m not any better with blushes. Everythings mauve or rosy. The farthest I’ve gone is coral pink. Even when they released their Color and Light palettes ($34), I went with 8th Muse, a cool pink creme blush and highlighter. It’s what I have been using almost every day until I got to try Tropic Equinox and Contachroma.

Tropic Equinox, a bronze cream blush, and highlighter is my first dip into the peachy orange spectrum. Maybe since I’m on the medium tan side, I always thought these kinds of colors would look too similar to my skin tone? Anyway, I’m wrong and I’m willing to eat my words. While pink blushes brighten my face and mauve ones give off that sophisticated flush, Tropic Equinox gave me a modern and fresh look. The blush, with the highlighter, complimented my skin tone and gave off that simple, effortless complexion. If I build on it and double down on the highlighter, I would look sunkissed.

Contachroma, which contains a golden powder blush and highlighter, applies a bit coral on my skin. It’s a color I’m used to but this one gives more impact. It’s brighter than the coral pink blushes that I have but not to the point that it scares me. Though I much prefer cream blushes and highlighters, I like using this on top of Tropic Equinox if I’m going out or on its own when I need a face color that would last a little longer than my cream products. The highlighter on this one, especially, is more glistening than glowing. I also like that both products are finely-milled, no patchiness here.

I just love Kosas and I have not tried a product from them that would make me change my mind.

These products were provided by @kosascosmetics. Available at

Brand Overview: Flesh Beauty

I started from not applying any makeup to spending half an hour every morning to apply one using numerous products.

It was made easy by the convenience of stick foundations. They are compact, easy to buff, and they offer enough coverage to make your skin look like it got enough sleep. I’ve stuck with one stick foundation the past year and now it’s time to try out a new one.

The Firm Flesh foundation sticks ($18) from Flesh Beauty promises medium coverage with a dewy, never ashy, finish in a creamy formula. The first time I tried this as a foundation, I found the actual stick to hard to buff out my face so I need to warm the stick with my hands before application. It feels creamy on the face, though, and offers medium to full coverage. The shades I have are shades 4, 5, and 6. I use 6 as a foundation and shades 4 and 5 to conceal and highlight.

It doesn’t look ashy on my skin, which is nice and I can set this with a mist for every day or with powder if I want a more matte finish. My best use for this one is when I don’t want to apply too much makeup and just conceal some imperfections and the dark circles under my eyes. I apply it with my fingers and be out in about 15mins. It doesn’t move or budge for about 6 hours though it tends to gather on the lines under my eyes after a while. Since it’s compact, this would be good for quick touch-up using your fingers.

I once never really got on the highlighter craze but I still love me some glow from within look. It’s difficult for my oily skin as just “one more swipe” can go from “you are glowing” to “you look greasy” but thankfully, Flesh Beauty has a lot of options for me to play with.

Touch Flesh ($18), their highlighting balm, provides the most subtle sheen, which I really like for every day. I have the shades Startle, which applies silver, and Twitch, a dark bronze.

This cream highlighter provides glow from afar and up close. It doesn’t leave flecks of shimmer and is easily blendable. It also feels softer and easier to control compared to other highlighting balms I’ve tried. I can use my fingers or a dense brush to blend this out and I would get the same dewy sheen. I also like that it’s small enough to put in a clutch for those times you need to add extra shine. It also likes applying the bronze one all over my lids for a slight dewy eye look.

This is a first for me but I fell in love with Ripe Flesh ($28) on first use. This is my first liquid highlighter and the shade Candleglow is bronzy and honestly looks too dark at first but it melts like a dream. It compliments my skin perfectly and gives off a natural, healthy glow. It’s runny so it’s easy to blend and but not too runny that it becomes streaky. I can apply it with my fingers but I like applying this best with a dense contour brush. It lasts all night and it doesn’t move my makeup or make me look overly oily. I don’t mix this with my foundation and instead, add this on after because I have oily skin but this literally gives off that lit from within glow without that much effort.

Their powder highlighter is called Flesh to Flesh ($28), which is, compared to the other powder highlighters I’ve tried, compared to others, this has more visible flecks and offers a more pronounced highlight to the skin. I have the shades Jump, a champagne gold, and Boost, a gold shimmering highlighter.

This feels soft to the skin, almost creamy, and applies evenly on the skin. Used alone, one swipe can provide a more noticeable highlight compared to the balm and the glisten drops. It can also be built up from a sophisticated highlight on your cheekbones to a highlight that can be seen a few feet away with a few swipes. As a matter of preference, I still prefer cream and liquid highlighters over powder ones as they just apply too obvious for me, which isn’t what I usually go for.

They only have a few lip products in their arsenal but it covers both ends of the spectrum. There’s something for those who only go for subtle, something for the bold, or somethings who go both ways.

A sheer lipstick, Fleshy Lips ($18) has 10 shades, aiming to provide nudes that will compliment every skin tone in a creamy lightweight texture using rosehip, lavender, and white tea extracts. I have Moist, pinkish coral, and Pucker, a grape jam color. It’s in lipstick form but applies like a lip tint. It doesn’t apply shiny but it feels a bit balmy on the lips, making my lips feel moisturized. I like that the color lasts for more than four hours. It’s not drying and Moist, just make my lips look glossy without the stickiness and bright without totally contrasting with my skin.

This cruelty-free and paraben-free sheer lipsticks contain rosehip, lavender and white-tea extracts for a moisturizing, lightweight texture with a bit of a grip. This is my go-to everyday #lipcolor as its subtle but offers a bit of effortless color to the lips plus a but of understated sheen.

The shades Chew is a sheer raspberry pink, Gorge has sheer warm brown tone, Lick is a sheer peachy pink color, while Yum looks like a soft terracotta.

Strong Flesh ($18) is a satin-textured lipstick that promises strong pigmentation. As promised, this stays true to its color when applied. Aside from the incredible pigmentation, I like the magnetic closure because my disorganization can’t handle another open and broken lipstick that create abstract art inside my purse. Siren, a deep plum, and Queen, a deep berry, applies matte to me and can be applied with a swipe for more coverage or by tapping the bullet on the lips to slowly build on the color. Queen looks like cabernet and Siren is a deep violet for the brave. I like using Queen if I want a bit of drama to my morning makeup without scaring my barely awake coworkers.

As a lover of long-lasting, retouch proof makeup products, their matte liquid lip, Proud Flesh ($20), is the first thing I tried out of the bunch. I have the spicy rose Bluff and deep violet Bruise, both promising a matte and weightless finish. Honestly, it’s been a while since I used a liquid lipstick but I was excited to do so. It takes practice to precisely apply this but the thin and flexible applicator helped. Especially because it’s super pigmented, like one swipe colors my entire lower lip, and the shades I have applied the same as the color in the tube. It dries really matte and settles on the lines on my lips, though, so it’s more comfortable for me if I apply a balm beforehand. I know a lot of people do that but keep in mind, my lips need not be thoroughly moisturized before so applying a balm on my lip before anything is quite an adjustment for me. I love how long this lasts, though. Bluff fades after eating but leaves a nice mauve colored tint so you don’t look completely colorless.

On to my favorite of the bunch. Swipe Flesh ($24) is a lip compact, which is something I have never had before. It’s basically a compact for lip color, a really new concept for me that I love trying. The concept of this lip compact promising to provide easy and effortless color to the lips is something I am really in line with.

Upon the first dip, the formula felt creamy but once it’s applied, it dries velvet matte and feels really thin. I apply this with my fingers, which is perfect for that blurred lip look. It also doesn’t feel uncomfortable on the lips and even after a few hours. It doesn’t feel like your lips are being sucked dry, which I have experienced with other lip products with a matte finish.

Swollen Lips, a warm berry, looks a bit orange on the pan but applies a bit browner on me and appears to be about 2 shades darker than my natural lip color. Jiggly, a dusty rose, is not my lips but better nude for my skin tone. It’s lighter than my natural lip color but it perfectly suits my skin. It’s great if I’m wearing really dark eye makeup and I want the rest of my face to look light and even. Puffy, a pink rose, is closer to my lip color so I use this almost every day if I want a natural looking lip to go with my no makeup-makeup look.

Housed in typical modern and compact packaging, these makeup products are easy to carry along as they are compact and they don’t take up to much space in your purse.

A first for me, the Flipbook ($22) and makeup sheets that have bronzer, blush, and highlighter pages are meant to be torn off and rubbed on the face or body. It has matte pale pink, bright glimmery rose, and golden bronze for all coloring needs. This is such a novelty for me since I’m so used to wiping my face to remove something, not add. The papers are very pigmented and are so easy to use. This flipbook saves so much space in my purse and it makes it so easy to touch-up in the middle of the day or at night, depending on your social life. I sometimes use the paper as an applicator but most of the time, I use my fingers for more precision. The contour has a few shimmers in it so I need to be careful but it’s a red based bronze so it suits my warm skin tone. I also like using this on my eyes.

Tender Flesh ($26) are soft-focus blushes with eight shades into two finishes (matte and glimmer) to suit all skin colors. These blushes are really pigmented so careful application is need as the colors tend to stay in place almost right after application. Plus side is it lasts so long, even on my oily skin, about eight hours, so I like putting this on if I know I’m going to an event or a long meeting. This is one of the longest wearing blushes I have ever used that carried on almost the same amount of color throughout the day. I have the colors Caress ( a matte amber that gives that sunkissed look), Fever (a matte hot coral that can add so much color in just one light swipe, making it a great color at night), and Glaze (a shimmering brick that works best for me when I’m going outdoors for that glowy flushed look.)

For the eyes, the eye shadow palette Fleshcolor ($38) contains seven neutral color and gold and bright pink for a splash of color. This is a great choice for those who want a simple neutral look that’s not boring as there are offerings for a splash of color.

The mattes are pigmented but need to be blended longer for it not to appear streaky. The metallics are best applied with your fingers as I don’t get enough shine even if I wet my brush. This, I have found common in most palettes. Sometimes fingers work best.

I mean, there is really no question. The Fleshpot ($20) eye and cheek gloss really is glossy.

I have the shade Disco Nap, a peach gloss flecked with pink and gold pigments. This gloss promises to give eyelids, cheeks, and lips a glimmery sheen when worn alone or over makeup. This cruelty-free gloss is also oil-free and is made with fragrance and parabens.

I like putting it on my eyes or on the high point of my cheeks to amplify the dewy look. I also like using this as a topper on my lips for that high gloss shine. Using this as face gloss, though, I really have to be strategic because hair tends sticks to it.

When applied on my eyes without a shadow primer, it gathers at the fold of my lids. I mean this tub is a concept for me. I don’t like using it every day because that’s not what my work entails but I use it for special occasions. What I can really give this props for is how good it looks on photos and videos. Over a semi-matte foundation, this makes my face look dewy, my lips shiny, and my eyes look twinkly.

These products were provided by @fleshbeauty and @foundation. Available