Haircare Battle: Prose Across Seasons

As a lover of personalized anything, Prose is right up my alley. The brand provides ultra-customized hair care, so much so that you’re asked to fill out a questionnaire before you can begin using any of their products. They personalize haircare products from season to season to address climate concerns like humidity, UV, wind, and…… Continue reading Haircare Battle: Prose Across Seasons

Skincare Review: Organation Personalized Face Cream

Bespoke is always good. Personalizing a skincare product to suit your skin and solve all your skincare concerns is even better. #organation creates personalized face cream. They do this by letting you take an online skin quiz where you can build your skin profile, identifying your skin concerns, customizing your ingredients depending on the condition…… Continue reading Skincare Review: Organation Personalized Face Cream