Skincare Review: Paul and Joe Beaute Cleansing Gel, Cooling Lotion, and Herbal Lotion

I didn’t know Paul and Joe Beaute have skincare products until they sent me these. As usual, the packaging is on point and as expected, the products are gentle and nourishing.

The Cleansing Gel promises to remove makeup and cleanse the skin using olive tree oil, parsley extract, and sage oil. This has a light gel texture that cleanses my skin thoroughly. It removes all the excess oil on my skin without stripping it. I like using this in the morning instead of at night to remove makeup as it takes a bit of time when I use this as a first cleanser. What I also like about this is it leaves a refreshed feeling on the skin after rinsing.

They sent two lotions, which if you base it on j-beauty, are toners. The Cooling Lotion is an astringent and it contains olive oil, olive leaf extract, ectoin, peppermint extract, and chamomile extract. This is a gentle astringent. It doesn’t sting, just providing a relaxing and cool feeling to the skin as it helps remove the dirt that I wasn’t able to remove while cleansing. The Herbal Lotion, on the other hand, aims to hydrate, soften, and firm the skin using olive oil, olive leaf extract, ectoin, organic fennel leaf extract, and lemon extract. This is more viscous than the Cooling Lotion and provides more hydration to the skin. I like using the Cooling Lotion before the Herbal Lotion as the combination helps keep my oiliness at bay while hydrating my skin. Using both left my skin feeling nourished and plump all day long.

I am pleasantly surprised by these products especially the Cooling Lotion and Herbal Lotion as they seem to suit my oily skin.

The Paul & Joe Beaute Cleansing Gel, Cooling Lotion, and Herbal Lotion were provided by @paulandjoebeaute. Available at

Makeup Review: Paul & Joe Beaute Lipstick N Natural and Full Coverage

We all know how cute Paul & Joe Beaute products are. It’s just that I didn’t know how cute they can get until I got their Lipsticks and Lipstick Cases.

First off, the Lipstick Case CS is made from structured paper with beautiful prints. I got one inspired by the french rose garden (047) and two with cats (004 and 045) on them. Cats!

As for the actual product, the Lipstick N Natural creates a dewy shine while moisturizing the lips. It contains jojoba oil, lilium bulb extract, macadamia seed oil, orange flower water, orange oil, and shea butter.

I have the shade Fruit Rouge (213), a ripe red berry that is deep enough to use at night, and Flower Vase (207), a bright pink-red if you want something bolder during the day without the shock of an orange-red.

The Lipstick N Full Coverage aims to provide full coverage to the lips while leaving it moist and nourished. It has the same oils as the Natural variant. I have the shade Biscuit Sucre (308), a nude pink that appears neutral nude on my lips. I mostly use this as a base if I’m going fo a gradient lip.

All lipsticks have their shiny gloss without the stickiness. They feel like lightweight balms that provide more color payoff. At least most that tinted lip balms. They don’t offer the coverage a liquid lipstick but these lipsticks are pigmented enough that it only takes a couple of swipes to get color. These are the lipsticks I use if I’m rushing out. Since this doesn’t apply matte, precision isn’t necessary for these to look good on my lips. I can use this even if I’m not looking at a mirror and it would still look good.

The Paul & Joe Beaute Lipstick N Natural and Full Coverage was provided by @paulandjoebeaute.

Makeup Review: Paul and Joe Beaute New Year Glow

Get ready for some cuteness because Paul & Joe Beaute gifted me their New Year Kit. With the philosophy of fun-loving sophistication, the brand’s beauty products promise charming packaging, luxurious textures, and rich colors.

Of course, the packaging is cute and luxe. It was the reason why I wanted to try this. I like that the packaging is not just cute, they are also of high-quality and are just so nice to look at.

Moisturizing Foundation Primer S in 01

The Moisturizing Foundation Primer S ($36) is formulated with jojoba seed oil, white lily extract, orange flower water, apricot extract, apricot oil, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, sodium acetylated hyaluronate, and sodium hyaluronate to condition and moisturize.

This has a serum-like texture. The Shade 01 has a tint and if it’s lighter than your skin color, it will give a white cast. I got a bit but what it did was even the tone of my skin. Those who have lighter complexions can use this alone as it offers enough coverage for a casual and light weekend look. It leaves a tacky finish on my skin but I think those with dry skin will love its moisturizing benefits. I thought for sure this would look messy on my skin but I like how even my skin looks whenever I use this. Paired with an oil-control mist, this leaves my skin dewy-looking. I’m just surprised by this because even if I have to add more mattifying products to make this work, it looks so good on me. It makes my skin look even, bright, and glowy.

Stick Highlighter in 001

The Stick Highlighter ($30) is a cat-shaped highlighter formulated with silver, gold, and orange pearl extracts to create a natural-looking glow. I like that it looks like a lipstick and the tip is shaped like a cat because it provides precision highlighting. Subtle glow, it isn’t though. The shade 001 has a silver undertone on my skin and gives off a dewy sheen. Because of the tube packaging, it’s easy to control how much you would want. And control you need because even though it’s creamy, it sets easily. When highlighting larger areas, I use a brush so I can easily buff it out. If you don’t, it can easily appear streaky, like a strip you put above your cheeks. I like applying this with my fingers and using it on the tip of my nose, above my lip, on the corners of my eyes, and under my brows.

Eye Gloss in 004

The Eye Gloss 04 ($25) aims to provide a glowing clarity to the eyes for a radiant and dewy look. With an emulsion base, this promises to provide moisture to the eyelids. This is a fun creamy shimmer shadow that contains visible flecks of glitter. I wouldn’t call it a gloss, however, because blending it out makes it appear like your normal shimmery shadow and applying it directly with the brush tip applicator without blending it out makes it too glossy and will move around the eyes. I would say this can be used as a topper to matte shadows for an added shimmer. For my oily lids, though, this did not last. It’s my least favorite in the kit and I think this would be better used as a highlighter.

Plus, a photo no one asked for. Here’s a photo of me wearing all there.

Paul & Joe Beaute New Year Glow was provided by @paulandjoe_beaute and @octoly #OctolyFamily. Available individually or as a kit for $91 at

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