Haircare Review: Prose Hair (New Hair Goals)

Similar to how I use skincare products, I usually switch hair products daily. If I don’t, my hair either gets too oily or too dry. Prose Hair graciously sent over their new set containing personalized shampoo, conditioner, and pre-shampoo hair mask. Note that this is not a reorder of my old set. Their site lets…… Continue reading Haircare Review: Prose Hair (New Hair Goals)

Makeup Review: Orcé Come Closer (Foundation for Asian Skin)

Even before launching, I have read about Orcé promising a foundation suited for Asian skin. Their site featured Asian women from all ethnicities, representing both the light and dark shades of Asian skin, a rare sight in the makeup landscape. There were no further details, just a promise, and a few photos, but it’s enough…… Continue reading Makeup Review: Orcé Come Closer (Foundation for Asian Skin)

Skincare Review: The Plant Base Pore N Tightening Essence

Oily skin and large pores, for me, are things that go hand and hand. It’s something I live with, something I have chosen to accept because the more I take care of my skin, the more I look at it, there is really no way I can make it smaller than it is. Especially now…… Continue reading Skincare Review: The Plant Base Pore N Tightening Essence

Monthly Favorites: April 2019

Peek Beauty Screenshot Natural Beauty Palette, Double Take For someone who has a ton of shit in the purse, I would give anything that will lessen the things I carry a try. The Screenshot Natural Beauty Palette from Peek Beauty promises to give lush lips, full brows, and stunning eyes in a thin tin case.…… Continue reading Monthly Favorites: April 2019

Skincare Review: Alpyn Beauty PlantGenius

Brands’ stories always intrigue me and how this brand came about is another interesting one. Founder Kendra Kolb Butler used to work at beauty companies in NYC before deciding to move to Wyoming with her family. It was there were she found wild forests of arnica and chamomile, and the fields of lavender and sage,…… Continue reading Skincare Review: Alpyn Beauty PlantGenius