Cult Favorite: Apto Skincare Healing Mask with Turmeric

I have already experienced the benefits of turmeric but not in mask form. So, as a lover of masks, I can’t not try the Healing Mask with Turmeric from Apto Skincare. This face mask contains azelaic acid to remove dead skin cells, treat rosacea, and prevent breakouts of a variety of skin types. Aside from…… Continue reading Cult Favorite: Apto Skincare Healing Mask with Turmeric

Skincare Review: Oleema Skincare

Oleema Skincare is a natural, hand-crafted skincare line created in small batches in California. They use botanical and herbal oils, and organic, ethically produced, and fairly traded ingredients that are free from paraben and laurel sulfates. The All Natural Oil Cleanser – Oily Skin ($32) promises to cleanse, hydrate, and purify the skin, dissolve impurities…… Continue reading Skincare Review: Oleema Skincare

Brand Overview: Mun Skincare

With the philosophy that a clear, glowing complexion is the perfect foundation, celebrity makeup artist Munemi Imai founded Mun Skincare. The brand aims to nurture, balance, and brighten all skin. Their products contain sustainably-sourced ingredients and are natural, organic, cruelty-free, and vegan. Ann oil-based cleanser, the Akwi Purifying Cleanser ($65) promises to lift impurities, unclog…… Continue reading Brand Overview: Mun Skincare

Brand Overview: Han Hoo

On warmer days, I switch around some products – cooling and lightweight products take over the creamy and heavier types. K-Beauty brand HanHoo sent over watermelon-based products to help with the heat while promising to take care of my skin. The Watermelon Illuminator Daytime Facial Oil ($16) aims to hydration using watermelon and grapefruit extracts.…… Continue reading Brand Overview: Han Hoo

Skincare Review: Temple Spa Purification, Be Clear, Moisture Matte

Temple Spa promises provide skincare products that feel like “spa wherever you are.” Even if their spa is only in one location, they offer a wide array of products targeting specific skin concerns. They sent over a few of their products for my oily skin and easily clogged pores. An anti-blemish and purifying clay mask,…… Continue reading Skincare Review: Temple Spa Purification, Be Clear, Moisture Matte