Skincare Review: Jurlique Moisture Plus Rare Rose Collection

I have a penchant for floral scents so products from Jurlique are something I enjoy. So much so that even before I started this account, I already have the Rosewater Balancing Mist – one in my house and one in the office.

They sent over the newly formulated products from the Moisture Plus Rare Rose Collection, which promises to hydrate and rebalance the skin. They all use the jurlique rose flower extract, which is grown and hand-harvested in the brand’s organic farm in the south australian hills

Using dwarf lilyturf root extract, the Moisture Plus Rare Rose Serum ($64) aims to hydrate, restore, smooth, and plump the skin. This has a light but creamy consistency. It feels so silky and luxurious when applied to the skin, which I really enjoy. It has a watery and silky slip and gives off a dewy finish. It does feel a bit hydrating on the skin but I noticed its plumping benefits more.

The Moisture Plus Rare Rose Lotion ($60) uses prickly pear extract to hydrate, soothe, and protect the skin. Similar to the serum, this feels so luxe. It’s lightweight and it feels creamy on the skin but it dries matte. It leaves the skin feeling plump and soft.

Aiming to hydrate, refresh, rebalance, and protect the skin, the Moisture Plus Rare Rose Gel Cream ($60) uses mastic gum. This is one of the lightest feeling gel moisturizers I’ve tried. I think the silky finish adds to it but it just really feels good applying this to my skin. It’s also watery but it dries matte, which absolutely works for my oily skin.

These three products helps in hydrating my skin but what I really like about them is how good they feel when applied. The cloud-like, silky finish feel so good on my skin. They also leave my skin plump and dewy the morning after. On cold nights, I use all three but when my skin is feeling fine, I just use the Moisture Plus Rare Rose Serum and the Moisture Plus Rare Rose Gel Cream in my night routine. They all have that rosy scent, which you know I’m all for.

The Jurlique Moisture Plus Rare Rose Collection were provided by @jurliqueusa and blndpr. Available at

Cult Favorite: Jurlique Activating Water Essence

I am a fan of essences and I enjoy trying but I only have a few that I keep on my stash. The Activating Water Essence from Jurlique is now one of them.

This essence promises to rejuvenate, hydrate, smooth, soften, and condition the skin using propanediol, glycerin, peach leaf extract, and marshmallow extract.

I know some would contest about the point of using essences but I like how it feels on the skin. The Activating Water Essence, specifically, leaves a bit of a sticky finish that feels like it absorbs the serums I use after it. I like how it hydrates and softens my skin as well. I would sometimes just apply this after cleansing and before applying a hydrating moisturizer if I’m feeling lazy. Despite that, my skin would still feel hydrated and soft the morning after. Thing stings a bit for my skin but it would be gone in minutes. My skin would just feel soft and plump afterward.

The Jurlique Activating Water Essence was provided by @jurliqueusa and @blndpr. Available for $58 at

Bodycare Review: Jurlique Calming Shower Gel Lavender and Calming Body Lotion Lavender

New to my stash are some body care products from Jurlique.

The Calming Shower Gel Lavender ($26) is a creamy and extremely moisturizing shower gel. It aims to leave the skin soft, soothed, and refreshed using chamomile flower extract, licorice root extract, and rosemary leaf extract. The lavender smell is calming however, even though my skin feels smooth after use it also feels a bit heavy on the skin. I only use this after exfoliating as I like the soothing feeling it gives.

A complete contrast in terms of feel, the Calming Body Lotion Lavender ($39) is creamy but it applies thin. It feels lightweight and it sinks in quickly into the skin, which I really like. It contains macadamia seed, avocado, evening primrose, and lavender essential oil to nourish, rebalance, and protect the skin. It has the same relaxing scent as the shower gel and has the same creaminess. However, this dries matte and doesn’t feel tacky at all. It moisturizes my skin without a greasy feeling. This has been my go-to body moisturizer in the morning since I got it.

The Jurlique Calming Shower Gel Lavender and Calming Body Lotion Lavender were provided by @jurliqueusa and @blndpr . Available at

Cult Favorite: Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

I personally got into Jurlique because of my mother and have lugged around this mist when I wasn’t into skincare yet. All I have is a cleanser, a mask, a mist. So I was really excited to get the Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense Deluxe Edition.

This face mist aims to hydrate, soften, soothe, and refresh the skin using four unique roses, marshmallow extract, aloe leaf extract, grapefruit seed extract, and the organically grown rosa gallica flower extract. These flowers are also harvested by hand

Housed in a luxurious pink bottle that just calls your attention, I use this as part of my morning and night skincare routine to refresh and hydrate my skin. The relaxing and pretty floral smell is an added bonus. Honestly, I am glad to have this 200ml size because as a mist convert, I don’t just spray after cleansing, I also mist after masking, after moisturizing, and after applying my makeup. The mix of ingredients just hydrates and refreshes my skin so I also have the travel-sized one in my office. The price is not for everyone but if you are a fan of this mist, I don’t think you will pass this up.

The Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist Intense Deluxe Edition was provided by @jurlique and @blndpr. Available at $75 at