2019 Skincare Favorites

As you know, I love cleansing and these are the new cleanser I’ve added to my favorites.

Sekkisei treatment cleansing oil – I’m usually a balm person but this cleansing oil feels nourishing and gentle on the skin.

Youth to the People superfood cleanser – I love cleansing foams but this is just on a league of its own. it’s watery but foams, it smells great, and it feels so good on the skin.

Then I Met You living cleansing balm and soothing tea cleansing gel – this is just a very nourishing duo. it does the job of cleansing the skin while refreshing and nourishing the skin.

Ole Henriksen phat glow facial – this zaps my blemishes and gives my skin a ridiculous glow the morning after

Korres hydra-biome – this came in at the latter part of the year and I have barely a few months trying this but it’s just so good. It plumps, brightens, and improves my skin overall. Love it. Love it.

Youth to the People 11% AHA exfoliation power toner – this is strong on the skin but it does give stellar results of glowing and clear skin.

Whalmyung skin elixir – my go-to hydrating toner this year

Peach and Lily the good acids pore toner – gentle and good for daily use, this toner doesn’t just brighten the skin. It nourishes them too

Then I Met You birch milk refining toner and the giving essence – if you haven’t noticed I love @charlottejcho for giving me TIMY products this year. This duo are gentle and nourishing but not only that but they also plump and brighten the skin in the long run. I always recommend these for those who have sensitive skin or those who are just building up their skincare routine

Farmacy Beauty very cherry bright – with a heavier texture, I use this brightening serum when my skin is feeling dehydrated

Peach and Lily glass skin serum – this just makes my skin look so damn good

Volition Beauty strawberry-c serum – another brightening serum, this is lightweight and gentle

Caudalie vinopure serum – my go-to serum when my skin is acting up

Korres wild rose spotless serum – yes, I love brightening serums. this one is watery and great before applying makeup

Bliss renew and smooth, glow and hydrate serums – amazed by this. they both have enjoyable texture and for the price, what they do to my skin js more than worth it.

Paula’s Choice power berry serum – a staple in my morning routine

Paula’s Choice antioxidant pore purifier – this just helps when my skin is irritated

Drunk Elephant a-passioni – this made me love retinol. It doesn’t sting, it doesn’t make my face red, and it has improved the overall texture and firmness of my skin

Wander Beauty do not disturb – this has retinoid and I love using this treatment when my skin is feeling dry and dull

Wander Beauty layover – my skin just drinks this in. it light yet so nourishing to the skin

Wander Beauty glow ahead – it calls itself a face oil but it doesn’t feel like it. It’s light and it doesn’t feel oily at all. I use this before applying SPF and makeup and it just a boost of radiance to my skin

First Aid Beauty retinol eye cream – see what I mean by loving retinol this year? I have it for my eyes as well.

Skincare Review: Uruoi U2 Clean Foam and U5 Moisture Milk

Using science in skincare isn’t new but Uruoi, which mean moisture in Japanese, uses their patented hyaluronic acid: D.P.H.A. Denka Pure Hyaluronic Acid or D.P.H.A. promises to help skin retain moisture and plump the skin.

The U2 Clean Foam ($28) is my kind of cleanser. It’s gentle, it foams, and it removes unnecessary oils on my skin, providing a good clean base for my skincare routine.

It easily rinses and a pea-sized amount goes a long way. It contains D.P.H.A., hydrolyzed collagen, and sodium lactate to hydrate, plump, and firm the skin. I like how creamy this feels as you massage it on your face and how it dissolves all impurities once you rinse it off. It feels gentle yet deeply cleansing. Once dry, my face doesn’t feel stripped, just nourished, smooth, and deeply cleansed.

Using D.P.H.A., squalene, sunflower seed oil, and jojoba seed oil, the U5 Moisture Milk ($40) aims to hydrate and balance the skin. I was really excited to try this because it sounds like what my oily skin would really enjoy. This moisturizer is of the lightest creamy moisturizers I’ve ever come across with. It almost feels like an emulsion. It also sinks in quickly. Despite its lightness, this hydrates and nourishes my skin so I like using this before applying a sleeping mask and I feel like this will really come in handy once it gets warmer again.

I really like these two hydrating products with the cleanser being a great everyday cleanser for those who get clogged pores easily and the moisturizer a good companion for those with extremely oily skin.

The Uruoi U2 Clean Foam and U5 Moisture Milk were provided by @uruoi. Available at uruoiskincare.com

Brand Overview: Sekkisei

Using a unique combination of Japanese and Chinese herbal extracts.m, Sekkisei promises to hydrate, replenish, and illuminate the skin while minimizing the appearance of sun spots and age damage.

I am really into cleansers and this cleansing oil became yet another favorite. The Treatment Cleansing Oil ($35) promises to remove makeup and dullness with coix seed oil, sesame oil, and safflower oil. It has a lightweight oil texture that feels really gentle on the skin with a hint of floral smell. You can really feel how simple and hardworking this cleansing oil is. Don’t be fooled by the gentleness, though, as it easily removes SPF and makeup with just a few swipes on the face. Mixed with water, this emulsifies into a milky texture with a blue tinge. It rinses immediately without leaving any filmy feeling or any residue. It just leaves the skin clean and soft. What sets it apart from the multitude of cleansing oils I’ve tried is that it feels so light but is deeply nourishing and hydrating to the skin.

A peel-off mask, the Clear Whitening Mask ($32) aims to unclog pores and remove dead cells with coix seed extract, angelica extract, melothria extract, chinese quince extract, and red oolong tea extract. This black colored one is easy to apply and it applies thinly. It surprising that it doesn’t smell like glue. It’s heavily fragranced, a bit musky, so I can honestly do without it. It dries after about 15 minutes and boy, peeling it off hurt. My face was a bit red after removing it. So I don’t really like using this. It does brighten and exfoliate the skin thoroughly though but it would be fun for those who like peel off masks.

The Lotion ($68), which is was J-Beauty names their toners, claims to penetrate instantly to get rid of dullness and promotes an even, refined skin tone using coix seed extract, angelica extract, melothria extract, and licorice extract. It’s light, watery, and it sinks in really fast before leaving the skin hydrated. I can use this either morning or night with ease as it doesn’t feel tacky or heavy. It’s so light that unlike the other hydrating toners I’ve tried, this doesn’t leave the skin bouncy, just soft and smooth. I like using this when I’m about to use the heavier serums in my stash or if I am using a heavy SPF to balance the tackiness.

Water-based moisturizers are my bias so this Cream ($50) worked well with my existing night routine. It works to strengthen the skin’s natural defense system with korean ginseng extract, cordyceps sinensis extract, coix seed extract, angelica extract, and melothria extract.

This moisturizer has a gel consistency and a runny texture. It feels like a sleeping mask with how it forms a silky veil on my face once applied. It leaves my skin feeling nourished and moisturized and it feels like it’s locking in all the products I put beforehand. It leaves my skin tacky, though, so I like using it at night but I love how soft and smooth my skin feels in the morning after using this.

Overall, I have liked how these Sekkisei products brightened and nourished my skin. They, with the exception of the Clear Whitening Mask, are all very gentle and lightweight. A standout of me though is the Cleansing Oil as it’s one of the most nourishing cleansing oils I’ve tried and the Lotion for being so light yet hydrating, These products are a good support to acids and actives as they help hydrate and moisturize the skin.

The Sekkisei Treatment Cleansing Oil, Clear Whitening Mask, Lotion, and Cream were provided by @sekkisei. Available at sekkisei-usa.com

Brand Overview: Adsorb Beauty

What sets Adsorb Beauty apart is their Natural AntiBody Technology, ostrich egg yolks are that are extracted, purified, and processed to reveal the AntiBodies. These AntiBodies contain peptides and hydrators to create an anti-aging skin treatment. The system targets facial lines and wrinkles, firm sagging skin, and brighten dull and discolored complexions.

The AntiBody Cleansing Wash ($78) aims to remove dirt, makeup, and debris to purify skin. This cleanser has a milky consistency and viscosity. It doesn’t foam or lather and feels very gentle on the skin. It’s a good morning cleanser option. It leaves a refreshing feeling to the skin and leaves it soft and plump.

The Gel Mask Moist ($128) promises to moisturize, refresh, and hydrate the skin with pomegranate extract, thymus serpyllum extract, panax ginseng root extract, and sweet marjoram leaf extract. It has a brown gel texture. It feels and looks like clear glue without the tightening sensation and leaves the skin moisturized and plump. This would work for those with dry to normal skin looking for a hydration boost to their complexion. However, for my oily skin, this needs to be followed by other hydrating products for me to manage the oiliness of my skin.

The Brightening Clay Mask ($128) aims to deep clean, moisturize, and brighten skin with ceramide AntiBody and melanin AntiBody. The #facemask has a mousse consistency that feels light on the skin. It doesn’t tighten like other clay masks and it dries like thinly applied paint no matter how much I use. It almost feels like a peel off mask. I was able to rinse this immediately even if it feels creamy because it doesn’t stick to the skin. For my oily skin, it feels gentle enough to be used thrice a week. It leaves the skin soft, almost feels like I misted a hydrating toner. It leaves the skin bright the morning after so I like using this in the middle of the week to help brighten the skin during a busy week.

The Moist Lotion ($120) has triple-hyaluronic acid to hydrate, plump, moisturize, and smooth the skin. Used as a toner, this has a runny clear texture that is viscous than most toners, almost like an essence. It leaves a tacky feel even if it feels extremely lightweight. It has a bit of oiliness to it but it sinks in quicker than expected and leaves the skin plump and bouncy. It is a great toner during these cold months as it nourishes my oily skin.

The AntiBody Moist Essence Serum ($140) claims to defend against the visible signs of skin aging. This is creamy and feels very easy to apply. It has a nice slip and has a normal serum texture. I like using this at night with my other products. My oily skin found this not hydrating enough as a morning serum. This helped brighten some spots that I have, which took about more than a month. It’s slower than most of my pigmentation serums and acids but this would be a good option for those who are looking for something gentle.

The AntiBody Gel Cream ($130) promises to hydrate and moisturize the skin while helping to resist visible signs of skin aging. In its gel-cream texture, this worked for my oily skin as a night moisturizer. It felt light but thick enough to fully moisturize my face. Same with the serum, I use this at night. Unfortunately, it’s not hydrating enough for me as a morning moisturizer but I feel that this beautifully seals in my entire routine at night.

I like that all of the products don’t have a distinct smell. The packaging is also simple and can easily be bought anywhere. I would recommend this for those with dry to normal skin types who want to experience new technology in anti-aging. They didn’t do anything for my existing lines but these all helped keep my skin be healthy-looking and moisturized. I found that these helped keep my skin plump and soft.

These products were provided by Adsorb Beauty and @riotmediagroup for review. Available at adsorbbeauty.com