Bodycare Review: Intoxicating Beauty Radiance on Tap Sugar Polish and Salt Emollient Twist

A skincare cocktail, that’s how Intoxicating Beauty describes their products because they contain wine, hops, sake, and spirits and use these to nourish the skin. Even the packaging is inspired by wine, spirits, sake, and craft brew bottles.

The Radiance on Tap Sugar Polish ($58) is a body polish that promises to soften, soothe, hydrate, and moisturize the skin using natural beer, hops, crushed walnuts, ultra-fine sugar crystals, and botanical oils.

Meanwhile, the Salt Emollient Twist ($58) can be used in the face and body and aims to purify, balance, tone, and control oil production with vodka, shea butter, and salt crystals.

Since I prefer scrubs when it comes to exfoliating my body than my face, I focused this review on using both as body scrubs. Both helped my skin look brighter and even while keeping it moisturized. What I really liked about this is how moisturizing both felt on the skin and how they smelled so good. The Radiance on Tap Sugar Polish smelled like lime-infused beer while the Salt Emollient Twist smelled like sweet vodka. They both felt energizing and fresh. However, the oils tend to spill from the packaging so I hope it’s packaged tighter.

The Intoxicating Beauty Radiance on Tap Sugar Polish and Salt Emollient Twist were provided by @intoxbeautybar and @thewoodsandco @thewoodsandconest . Available at