Holiday 2019: Drunk Elephant Shelf-Control Night Kit

I’m going on vacation in about four weeks so the Drunk Elephant Shelf-Control Night Kit came just in time. The set promises to have everything one would need for their night routine.

It contains the T.L.C.™ Glycolic Night Serum, my go-to glycolic acid at night, the Beste™ No. 9 Jelly Cleanser, the Lala Retro™ Whipped Cream as my winter pm #moisturizer, the Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil that I always use after using my Babyfacial, and the C-Tango™ Multivitamin Eye Cream, the eye cream I’m most excited to try.

The Drunk Elephant Shelf-Control Night Kit was provided by @drunkelephant. Available for $98 at

Holiday Kit 2018: Aromatheraphy Associates

For someone with oily skin, it’s a reflex to veer away from oils of any kind. That is until I figured I like putting on oils than cream on my body and that facial oils also cater to oily skin. I was excited when Aromatherapy Associates sent me these oils because I knew there were so many options.

The Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection ($60) contains the full collection of the brand’s ten luxurious Bath & Shower Oils that you can use on its own or you can blend together to suit your mood and for that ultimate bath experience.

The Deep Relaxation Bath and Shower Oil is a favorite at home as we are night owls. The Inner Strength had also been a good friend when I had the flu. Basically, the oils that have whatever concern I have at the moment and the size is great for travel and for when I just want to bring the Revive Oil for a little pick me up.

The Face Oil Collection ($79) is a travel and discovery kit complete with all six Aromatherapy Associates Face Oils promising to nourish, revitalize, firm, plump, soothe and balance your skin. The collection includes the Anti-Ageing Intensive Skin Treatment Oil, Anti-Ageing Fine Line Face Oil, Hydrating Revitalising Face Oil, Hydrating Nourishing Face Oil, Inner Strength Soothing Face Oil, and Mattifying Refining Face Oil.

The Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath and Shower Oil Collection and Face Oil Collection were provided by Levi PC PR and Aromatherapy Associates for review.

Holiday Kit 2018: NaturaBrasil Hand Cream Trio

The NaturaBrasil Hand Cream is a formula unlike any I’ve ever tried! I’ve grown accustomed to using hand creams that feel too waxy or greasy, so imagine my delight to find that formula of #naturabrasil hand creams is light, fast-absorbing, and nicely scented. These hand creams keep my hands feeling soft even after dinner. The formula also promises to keep hands smooth and moisturized while strengthening your nails. Get yours now to give as a gift or keep everything for yourself. You know you need one for your desk, your purse, and your house.


The #handcream are infused with the benefits of Brazil nut oil, a powerful ingredient known for its moisturizing properties, flaky and dry hands become a thing of the past. They also have the added benefit of Vitamin E, Zinc, and Omega 3 fatty acids to fight infections and deter pesky skin problems like eczema and psoriasis.

The Hand Cream Trio contains:

-Maracuja Hand Cream Enriched with Maracujá Oil

-Castanha Hand Cream Enriched with Brazilian Castanha Oil and Murumuru butter

-Cacau Hand Cream Enriched with Brazilian Cacau and Murumuru Butters butters

The Hand Cream Trio is available for $29.50 at NaturaBrasil.

This gift set was provided by NaturaBrasil and Red PR.

Holiday Kit 2018: Tu’el Skincare Porestar Glow Kit: Combo

Holidays are coming and you will have a lot of parties and trips to go to. Of course, you would need some skincare products to support your impending activities and Tu’el Skincare is here to help.


For those with oily skin types, the Porestar Glow Kit: Combo ($95) promises to help restore the skin’s balance and absorb excess oil. Coming with a simple pouch, you can bring these products to the office to cleanse and moisturize the skin before applying heavy makeup needed for an evening event or a party. The kit includes a full-sized Balancing Act Deep Pore Cleansing System, Balancing Act Essential Oil Concentrate, Daily Protect Oil Free SPF 30, and deluxe samples of the Power Scrub and Clear It. This will also be great to bring when you staying over someone else’s house if you know what I mean. 😉

The Deep Pore Cleansing Oil is a bit thick for my preference but works well when doing a first cleanse after removing long-wearing and full coverage makeup. The Cleansing Oil, which promises to work with the skin’s natural oils to dissolve dirt, pollutants, and makeup trapped inside your pores, has to be removed with a warm cloth instead of water, though. I also tried using this to remove makeup and it was able to melt my foundation but it would need a little more massaging in order to remove eyebrow makeup and mascara.

I especially like the Deep Pore Herbal Toner as it contains lemon extract to reduce and control excess oil, vitamin c to brighten and tone, and sage extract to protect the skin from free radicals and deter bacteria. Based on its name, I expected the toner to be white, light, and watery. Imagine my surprise that dark brown isn’t the color of the bottle but the color of the actual product. It has a pump applicator and it let out a viscous, heavy looking toner. Upon application, the sweet sugary smells permeate the air and creates a relaxing ambiance. The toner feels light on the skin and sinks in super quickly into the skin, leaving the skin refreshed and satiny.

*This product was provided by Tu’el Skincare and Ink and Roses for review.

Holiday Kit 2018: Morgan Taylor Forever Fabolous Marilyn Monroe Collection

Before I even got into makeup, I used nail polish to express myself. There were too many rules when we were in high school and I worked around it by wearing neon colored nails on my toes and glittery polish on my fingers. It’s an inexpensive way to put color in places the teachers wouldn’t expect. I used to have boxes and boxes of polishes because I do my nails on my own. Then work life got in the way and I depend on a nail salon to do that for me and pick the colors from their stash. However, I still keep a few favorites and still keep up to date with collections.

Morgan Taylor recently released their Marilyn Monroe Collection for Holiday 2018. The Forever Fabolous Marilyn Monroe Collection taps into the old Hollywood tones that capture the spirit of the actress for #foreverfabolousnails.

The collections offer muted cold tones to capture the jewels and movies of Marilyn and encapsulates the look and feel of these colder months and vibrant deep reds, which I think captures Marilyn’s sexiness and is perfect for holiday parties. A few favorites are the baby blue crème Blue Eyed Beauty, soft nude crème She’s A Natural, red shimmer Wish Upon A Starlet, and bright red glitter Some Like It Red.

*These products were provided by Morgan Taylor and Red PR for review. Available at