Bodycare Review: Luxury Hand Creams

Being more mindful of moisturizing my hands nowadays. Currently using the new Luxury Hand Cream from Henne Organics.

The hand cream promises to moisturize the skin without the greasy feeling using aloe leaf juice, argan oil, glycerin, jojoba seed oil, caprylic triglycerides, and shea butter. It comes in two scents – Blomma, a blend of twinflower, rose, and geranium, and Citrus.

The tube packaging of the Luxury Hand Creams are very luxurious and compact. Both hand creams have a silky oily finish which I can still feel after minutes of application. It feels better when my skin is feeling extremely dry. The scent is strong, with the Citrus a tad stronger than Blomma, upon application but dissipates seconds after. What I also noticed with these hand creams is that you might need to put more than a pea-sized amount for each hand. They are moisturizing and the moisture they bring lasts more than most hand creams but personally, my hands normally don’t feel that dry so, on normal days, I prefer something that doesn’t feel oily.

The Henne Organics Luxury Hand Creams in (Blomma and Citrus) were provided by @henneorganics. Available for $25 each at

Bodycare Review: C.O. Bigelow Sakura Rose Salve and West Village Rose Body Wash, Hand Wash, Body Butter, and Hand Cream

I have a great bias toward floral scents so I was excited to receive some products from the West Village Rose collection of C.O. Bigelow.

Developed by their chemists cruelty-free, the fragrance of this collection has floral and woody top notes of anjou pear, mandarin, bergamot, and thyme with mid notes of the petals of violet, magnolia, rose, and geranium. The scent dries down with notes of oakmoss, amber, vanilla, white cedar, musk, and sandalwood. The scent is my jam, it’s just right up my alley as it smells so much like my home to me, a smell I always go for.

The Body Wash ($20) aims to hydrate and cleanse with sodium PCA, coconut oil, and aloe vera. It has a thicker consistency compared to the other body washes I’ve tried, which I really liked because I easily get dry skin. It feels cleansing enough as it bubbles but leaves a bit of a film, which is probably because of its consistency. It feels moisturizing, though, so I like using this when my skin feels extremely dehydrated.

The Body Cream ($30) contains kukui seed oil, coconut oil, and shea butter and has a whipped and raw texture. It feels extremely moisturizing so I like applying this on the drier parts of my body like my legs. Since it’s almost always sunny where I live, I only apply this on my body at night for some overnight application of moisture. A little goes a long way so the tub hasn’t even reached half down even if I’ve been using it for almost two months.

The Hand Wash has glycerine, shea butter, and sweet almond protein to soften and moisturize the skin. This, like the Body Wash, feels thick and creamy. It doesn’t foam that much and instead forms into a creamy lather. I really like using this on my hand because it feels so luxurious aside from being moisturizing. The moisture lasts than most hand washes, even after wetting the hands.

The Hand Cream ($16) has shea butter, avocado oil, and olive oil and promises long-lasting moisture. I didn’t expect this to be so thick but I like it because I only have to use a small amount to moisturize my hands. It’s also long-lasting, I can use this once in the morning and the moisture will last the whole day.

They also sent the Sakura Rose Salve ($7.50) claims to soothe dry skin and chapped lips with rose extract, lanolin, and jojoba and cottonseed oils. It smells so vintage – a subtle hint of floral but more berry-like. It’s very balmy but applies evenly and stays on my lips even after I drink some water. I also use this on my elbows but find that I get more noticeable results when used as a lip balm. I used this when I was sick and this helped prevent chapping.

These moisturizing products all provided the things they claimed to do and gave off my favorite scent that lasted the whole day. I especially like the body wash and the hand wash because they just felt so luxurious and nourishing on my skin. My husband, on the other hand, has already swiped the hand cream and the salve from me and has kept them on his desk to use.

The C.O. Bigelow Sakura Rose Salve and West Village Rose Body Wash, Hand Wash, Body Cream, and Hand Cream were provided by @cobigelow. Available at

Holiday Kit 2018: NaturaBrasil Hand Cream Trio

The NaturaBrasil Hand Cream is a formula unlike any I’ve ever tried! I’ve grown accustomed to using hand creams that feel too waxy or greasy, so imagine my delight to find that formula of #naturabrasil hand creams is light, fast-absorbing, and nicely scented. These hand creams keep my hands feeling soft even after dinner. The formula also promises to keep hands smooth and moisturized while strengthening your nails. Get yours now to give as a gift or keep everything for yourself. You know you need one for your desk, your purse, and your house.


The #handcream are infused with the benefits of Brazil nut oil, a powerful ingredient known for its moisturizing properties, flaky and dry hands become a thing of the past. They also have the added benefit of Vitamin E, Zinc, and Omega 3 fatty acids to fight infections and deter pesky skin problems like eczema and psoriasis.

The Hand Cream Trio contains:

-Maracuja Hand Cream Enriched with Maracujá Oil

-Castanha Hand Cream Enriched with Brazilian Castanha Oil and Murumuru butter

-Cacau Hand Cream Enriched with Brazilian Cacau and Murumuru Butters butters

The Hand Cream Trio is available for $29.50 at NaturaBrasil.

This gift set was provided by NaturaBrasil and Red PR.

Brand Overview: NaturaBrasil

Founded in 1969, NaturaBrasil works with hundreds of families in the Amazon to sustainably source bio-diverse ingredients for its products. Aside from developing natural ingredients for skincare, hair care, and body care products, they also work with over 30 local communities in the Amazon region, including more than 300 families, to help them develop sustainable business models that benefit the forest.


The Gentle Cleansing Mousse promises to remove dirt and impurities. It creates a soft, airy foam that is a pleasure to use. One pump can cover my face. It feels really gentle yet cleansing so I like using this in the morning. It doesn’t leave a film-like feeling. It just leaves my skin squeaky clean and cleanses the skin.


The Creamy Foaming Cleanser is made with cupuaçu butter and aims to wash away impurities and makeup while maintaining the skin’s natural balance. This foaming cleanser might be creamy upon first application but it doesn’t leave a residue after cleansing. It actually provides that squeaky clean feeling without making your skin feel dry or stripped. It feels gentle on the skin and leaves it feeling soft. I like using it at night as this effectively removes impurities my first cleanser left. I saw the instant effects of it on my face. My skin felt clean, soft, and light. It was easy to rinse off, and I didn’t have any problems using it. It creates a soft, airy foam that is a pleasure to use. I have tried other cleansers in foam and have always felt like I’m getting less product but this felt heavy. One pump can cover my face. It feels really gentle yet cleansing so I like using this in the morning. It doesn’t leave a film-like feeling. It just leaves my skin squeaky clean and cleanses the skin.


The Energizing Face Cream claims to act on the first signs of aging by hydrating, energizing, and protecting the skin using brazilian jambu extract. The moisturizer has a slight floral smell and feels heavy but applies thinly on the skin. It dries quickly but leaves a velvet-like finish on the skin. For my oily skin, this is best used at night especially when I put on a sleeping mask over it. I wake up with soft, plump, and moisturized skin in the morning without getting oily.

The Açaí Creamy Exfoliating Soap is made in the Amazon with energizing açaí oil and skin-smoothing açaí seeds. It promises gently exfoliates with body-smoothing açaí seeds and moisturizes with vitamin e. When I read exfoliating on its name and saw how smooth the product is, I thought it was going to be too gentle from my skin. Was I wrong? When I started soaping my body, the exfoliators came out. It can be a bit rough for those with sensitive skin. For me, I like using this twice a week to refresh my skin. I like how it doesn’t just exfoliate, it also moisturizes the skin. I was surprised as to how soft my skin felt after I use this.


The vegan Açaí Hand Cream is blended with açaí oil and murumuru butter to treat and soften hands. Infused with the benefits of Brazil nut oil, this is a formula unlike any I’ve ever tried. I’ve grown accustomed to using hand creams that feel too waxy or greasy, so imagine my delight to find that this formula is light, fast-absorbing, and it smells fantastic. The texture is lighter than most, and leaves your hands soft and smelling like a sweet, powdery scent. I have yet to see its effect on my nails but my cuticles have never looked better.

Out of everything I tried from this brand, I liked the Creamy Foaming Cleanser and the Energizing Face Cream the most. They are both creamy but worked well for my oily skin. They both left my skin moisturized and refreshed after every use. These products I would recommend for those looking for vegan options in their #skincareroutine and those who are looking for moisturizing products that are also cruelty-free and sustainably sourced.

*These products were provided by NaturaBrasil and Red PR NYC. Available at