Monthly Favorites: March 2019

8 Faces Boundless Solid Oil The Boundless Solid Oil from 8 Faces promises to many things for your skin. It uses amla berry to rejuvenate the skin, reduce age spots, and sun damage. It also has baobab seed oil to soften, tangerine oil to rejuvenate, babassu oil to calm, camelia seed oil to replenish, evening…… Continue reading Monthly Favorites: March 2019

Brand Overview: Florishe

Using natural ingredients, Florishe offers skincare products that are formulated with ingredients that have the EWG 1 safety rating and do not contain paraben, phthalate, mineral oil, sulfate, petrolatum, synthetic fragrances, sodium lauryl sulfate. The Camellia Full-Blossom Serum ($80) promises to rejuvenate, moisturize, and plump the skin using camellia full-blossom serum, green tea leaf water, (Camellia…… Continue reading Brand Overview: Florishe

Skincare Review: Ellen Lange Retexturizing Skin Peel

Bringing the spa to your home, esthetician Ellen Lange, created the Retexturizing Skin Peel, promising to produce similar results to peels that you would get done by a professional. A combination of glycolic acid, enzymes, and natural microbeads, this at-home kit is for those who have busy lives but do not want their skin to…… Continue reading Skincare Review: Ellen Lange Retexturizing Skin Peel

Cult Favorite: Radiance Transforming Mask

Recently, I have been into hydrating and moisturizing masks so I was excited when Eve Lom gifted me the Radiance Transforming Mask. Described as an intensive treatment, the mask promises to reawaken and reveal skin that looks renewed, supple, and radiant. It can be used as an overnight mask to hydrate the skin for up…… Continue reading Cult Favorite: Radiance Transforming Mask

Brand Overview: Chuck and Sam

What started as wedding favors became for Chuck and Sam’s wedding evolved into a skincare brand that creates plant-based and organic skincare products. Recommended for dry and acne-prone skin, Just Like Honey ($26) uses enzymes in orange blossom honey, neroli flower, and red mandarin oil, and coconut sugar to exfoliate, fight acne-causing bacteria and balance…… Continue reading Brand Overview: Chuck and Sam