Skincare Review: Dr. Dennis Gross B3Adpative SuperFoods Collection

As I got older, I noticed how much stress is affecting me physically. Gone are the days when I go to work without any sleep. So, it’s very timely that Dr. Dennis Gross gifted me with the B3Adpative SuperFoods Collection.

This collection uses the B₃Adaptive SuperFoods™ Complex, powered by microencapsulated niacinamide, superfoods, and adaptogens to help correct and prevent signs of stress like fine lines, wrinkles, redness patches, flareups, tired eyes, and dark circles.

The Stress Rescue Super Serum is light and watery. It feels soothing to the skin. After a few weeks of use, I saw minimal improvement in redness. I have yet to see it’s effects on texture and lines. What I like about this, though, is how light it feels and that I can use it morning and night. It works well with other skincare and makeup products.

The Stress SOS Eye Cream is what I’ve really been enjoying at the moment. It feels really cooling on the skin, which you guys would know, feels amazing after being in front of multiple screens the whole day. It really helped in soothing and hydrating my tired and dry undereyes. I will have to check in the future if its claims of firming and brightening will take effect.

I found the Stress Repair Face Cream a bit heavy for my oily skin so I used this sparingly. It’s really creamy and even though it doesn’t feel like it sits on top of the skin, I felt its weight.

The Dr. Dennis Gross B3Adpative SuperFoods Collection was provided by @drdennisgross and @octoly. Available at

Skincare Review: Sigi Skin Kaleanser Face Wash and Pink Nectar

Never to shy away from cute packaging, Sigi Skin caught my eye and my natural attraction for pastel colors. I got to try the Kaleanser Face Wash and Pink Nectar, which simple but cute and are also cruelty free and are made without parabens, dye, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), DMDM Hydantoin, phthalates, mineral oil, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclosan, triclocarban, and polyunsaturated oils (PUFA).

A face cleanser in gel form, the Kaleanser Face Wash promises to remove makeup, dirt, and oils while rebalancing the pH level using glycerin and soy and kale extracts. Despite the overwhelming smell, it feels so gentle on the skin. It emulsifies and cleanses the skin quickly. I like that it doesn’t leave a film but it also doesn’t strip the skin. I like using this when my skin is feeling a bit tight because this is calming and soothing to the skin.

Pink Nectar is one of the lightest eye creams I have tried. It spreads thinly but feels really moisturizing on the eye area. Using five kinds of hyaluronic acid, glycerin, niacinamide, vitamin e, propolis, peach extracts, and actractyloides lancea root extract, this eye cream aims to moisturize, firm, depuff, and brighten the eye area. Even though I have not seen its brightening effects, what I really like about this is how light enough this eye cream is to be applied in the morning and how it moisturizes my dry under eyes. It sinks in quickly and doesn’t mess my makeup while not aggravating the dryness of my under eyes.

The Sigi Skin Kaleanser Face Wash and Pink Nectar were provided by @sigiskin and @thewoodsandco. Available at

Holiday 2019: Drunk Elephant Shelf-Control Night Kit

I’m going on vacation in about four weeks so the Drunk Elephant Shelf-Control Night Kit came just in time. The set promises to have everything one would need for their night routine.

It contains the T.L.C.™ Glycolic Night Serum, my go-to glycolic acid at night, the Beste™ No. 9 Jelly Cleanser, the Lala Retro™ Whipped Cream as my winter pm #moisturizer, the Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil that I always use after using my Babyfacial, and the C-Tango™ Multivitamin Eye Cream, the eye cream I’m most excited to try.

The Drunk Elephant Shelf-Control Night Kit was provided by @drunkelephant. Available for $98 at

Cult Favorite: Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Crème

I have heard of Banana Bright Eye Crème from Ole Henriksen countless times. Inspired by the banana powder, this eye cream promises to brighten and color-correct the eye area while hydrating and firming it using vitamin c derivatives, orange extract, green tea extract, collagen, and aloe juice. It also doesn’t contain parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

This eye cream has a certain weight to it but sinks in quickly into the skin. It feels moisturizing and nourishing especially to my very dry undereye area. I like using this in the mornings before applying makeup as it works well under it. Since this brightens the eye area, I don’t have to apply that much concealer to mask my dark circle. The little bit concealer that I apply doesn’t settle into the lines I have there and doesn’t dry out resulting in a fresher makeup that lasts longer than usual. Though I have not seen permanent brightening to my dark circles after a few weeks of use, I fill like this would work for those with extremely dry eye areas as a primer for flawless makeup application while nourishing the skin.

The Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Crème was provided by @olehenriksen. Available for $38 at

Brand Overview: Mario Badescu

It might sound weird but this is the first time I’ve tried Mario Badescu. I’ve seen the memes, read the love, and saw the results but I never got around to using their products til now.

They sent over two cleansers. The first one, the Enzyme Cleansing Gel ($14), is for every day. This feels gentle on the skin and has a faint powdery-papaya scent to it. I like how this deeply cleanses and helps to reveal a fresh, clean, and rejuvenated complexion after a wash in the mornings.

The second one is a foaming cleanser to be used one to three times a week. The Glycolic Foaming Cleanser ($14) promises to address dullness, congestion, and hyperpigmentation while rebalancing the skin using glycolic acid, chamomile, marshmallow, sage, st. john’s wort, and yarrow extracts. I like using this especially on days when my skin feels clogged, tired, and dull. My skin loves glycolic acid so this was so easy to integrate into my routine to help with balancing and decongesting my skin.

The Special Cucumber Lotion ($15) works to clarify and refresh while controlling T-zone shine. This is a good daily toner in the morning because it’s gentle on my oily skin. It does contain alcohol so it might be too drying for those who don’t have oily skin but for me, this is a straight forward that can keep oiliness at bay.

They also sent over two serums. The Herbal Hydrating Serum ($30) contains ceramides and gingko and ginseng extracts, to soften, hydrate, and invigorate the skin. This gel serum feels extremely lightweight and hydrating on the skin. Unlike other serums, this one neither leaves a greasy film nor does it feels tacky so I can use this in the morning to keep my skin hydrated.

To help retexturize skin, reduce visible signs of aging, brighten uneven skin tone, and diminish the look of fine line, The Vitamin C Serum ($45) uses vitamin c, sodium hyaluronate, and collagen. Vitamin C has helped my skin so much. I have used a lot of vitamin c serums and this one is one of the serums my #oilyskin can get with the mornings. It sinks pretty quickly into the skin and doesn’t feel tacky once it gets absorbed. I’ve been using this for about a month now and noticed that my complexion became more even and less oily in the daytime. It doesn’t offer faster results as my other vitamin c serums but this is a good start for those who want to get a gentle brightening serum.

The Hyaluronic Eye Cream ($18) aims to hydrate and smooth under-eyes. I love hyaluronic acid for my skin. I have dry under eyes and this eye cream hydrates it. I like using this in the morning. It’s smooth and easy to apply and a little goes a long way. My eye area looks and feels hydrated after and on a really, really good day, I skip applying concealer.

I’ve seen the Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater ($7) everywhere and I get it now. I use it to set makeup and I like the fresh scent. It also hydrates the skin and leaves it feeling soft and plump. It’s a simple face mist that does what it promises to do. It’s an inexpensive face mist that will refresh and hydrate the skin any time.

With simple, straightforward ingredients and inexpensive price points, I get why this is a hit, especially for those just starting to build their skincare routine. Most of the products sent to me hydrated, brighten, and softened my skin. They all work but standouts for me are the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser, the Herbal Hydrating Serum, the Hyaluronic Eye Cream, and the Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater.

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