Skincare Review: Dr. Brandt Needles No More

How I dealt with being a teenager is really apparent on my face. At 35, I have no smile lines only pretty prominent frown lines on my forehead and between my brows. I am an angsty and moody teenager listening to death cab for cutie and Coldplay and these fine lines are payback. I haven’t…… Continue reading Skincare Review: Dr. Brandt Needles No More

Lazy Skincare: Beauty Sticks

For girls who are either too lazy or too rushed to be bothered, beauty sticks are always the way to go. They are fuss-free, compact, and adventure-friendly. From cleansers to sunscreens, these are my picks for on-the-go beauty. Skincare Cleansing Sticks have been around for a few years now, serving the travelers who don’t let…… Continue reading Lazy Skincare: Beauty Sticks