Cult Favorite: Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion

I remember buying my first Perfecting Cushion from Sulwhasoo 4 years ago while I was in the Incheon airport waiting for my flight back home. It’s what I bring to work because it’s compact and it’s liquid, which I prefer overpower foundation when it comes to retouching. So, naturally, seeing the Limited Edition Spring Cushion Compact with its beautiful embroidery is really just an added bonus. I mean, look at how pretty and old school it is. I also love the fact that the embroidery has a cushion underneath as well.

This product was provided by @octoly and @sulwhasoo.

Makeup Review: Laneige Layer Cover Cushion and Concealing Base, Two Tone Matte Lip Bar, and Two Tone Shadow Bar

I have always the skincare products I have tried from Laneige but with their makeup, not so much. Enjoying kbeauty lip products, I can get on with, their foundation and eye products have been a hit or miss – their eye products are too subtle and their foundations are too light and too suited for dry skin types. However, I don’t want to give up. I want to try what’s out there in the k-beauty world and find makeup products suited for my not so fair and so oily skin. Laneige, since they push their makeup products outside Korea, is a good brand to consider.

The Layer Cover Cushion SPF 34 PA ++ and Concealing Base SPF50+ PA +++ (that’s a mouthful, something the ABcommunity is used to) is a 2 in 1 cushion containing concealer & cushion foundation. It has an Aqua Melting Technology that melts at the skin’s temperature, an Illuminating Jewel Powder for vibrancy, and a Water Capture System to hydrate and cool the skin.

Shade 23 is still a shade too light for my skin tone but this is the nearest that I’ve encountered in terms of cushion foundations. I thought it looked a bit ashy when I look in the mirror but my phone camera was telling me another story. My face looks put-together and there are no red patches or discoloration. Looked at this from a mirror under better lighting conditions and saw the same thing. It lasts for about 3 hours before you need to retouch. This needs a mattifying primer before application but I didn’t look greasy, it just felt like it, which is more than I could say for the other cushion foundations I’ve tried It was able to cover the broken capillaries and even the tone of my skin but I need a concealer for my spots. I also like that this already has SPF so it’s suitable for everyday use.

The Two Tone Matte Lip Bar in # 4 Fitting Rose promises to act as a matte color and lip primer to create a gradient matte look without feeling dry.

I have always preferred mattes over glosses. Before I could wear any liquid lipstick, any life-sucking long-wearing lip product. I never paid any mind to reviews saying a certain lip color is too matte and too drying because no matter how dry they are, my lips wouldn’t chap. That was then. Nowadays, even though I still prefer matte, I would have to apply a lip balm overnight and before makeup to protect my lips. I had to give away the other matte lipsticks I have because my lips get dry easily now. However, I still get matte lipsticks. I still like how it feels and looks. I just have to be careful. That’s why I like this. It applies matte but it’s totally lightweight. It’s also not drying and it doesn’t crack. It’s not as long wearing as I would like but reapplying it is easy. I also like the two-tone effect of this one. It’s not severe, just a bit blurring. I can wear it to the office without anyone commenting on how contrasting the two-tone looks on my skin tone.

The Two Tone Shadow Bar in # 1 Humming Coral is a shadow bar with two colors for a quick and easy eye makeup application.

I actually found this weird at first because I don’t know if it would work but got the hang of it on the first swipe. Both shadows have shimmers on it. It’s great for fast and easy application during days when you want to add some color to your face. Of course, this still needs to be blended but it can be done with your fingers. It provides a subtle shine. My problem with this is it gathers on my lids and it doesn’t last that long, less than a couple of hours on my oily lids, even if I do three swipes. I would still need to use a primer for this to last even half a day.

As expected I loved the Two Tone Matte Lip Bar and enjoy the casualness and ease of the cushion foundation. I’m happy to have finally found a closed match shade for my skin. All these products would be great options for those who are always in a rush in the morning and would want easy to use makeup.

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