Skincare Review: Tony Moly Moisture Boost Gel To Water Morning Cleanser, Cooling Hydrogel Eye Patches, and Cooling Algae Eye Serum

With very light and gentle products, the Moisture Boost products from Tony Moly works great for days spent at home, without the stress of sunlight, pollution and the other elements.

I start the day with the Moisture Boost Gel To Water Morning Cleanser, which leaves my skin fresh and hydrated, without stripping off the natural oils. It contains 5 types of centella asiatica, panthenol, ceramide complex, AHA, BHA, and PHA.

Being very lightweight, it’s a good addition to the morning routine for those who prefer a gentle cleansing gel.

At night, I use either the Moisture Boost Cooling Hydrogel Eye Patches and Moisture Boost Cooling Algae Eye Serum, which both promise hydrating and depuffing effects for the eyes.

The serum, which uses hyaluronic acid, plankton extract, and seawater, has a cooling effect on the skin around my eyes but doesn’t do much besides that. I prefer the eye patches, which not only make my skin feel refreshed. It’s made with spirulina extract, plankton extract, and seawater to hydrate and soothe the eye area. They are hydrating for my dry under eyes and they make me look more alive.

The Tony Moly Moisture Boost Gel To Water Morning Cleanser, Cooling Hydrogel Eye Patches, and Cooling Algae Eye Serum were provided by @tonymoly. Available at and @ulta.

Skincare Review: 11 Huesday Extra Shiny Cleansing Mist, The C Activating Serum, Face & Neck Sparkling Mask, and Skintectonic C5 Soothing Mask

Korean beauty brand 11 Huesday believes that to get healthy skin, you need hydration, balance, and keratin. Their products aim to condition the skin for it to become healthy and radiant.

A cleansing oil in mist form, the Extra Shiny Cleansing Mist promises to remove makeup and impurities. It also contains vitamin complex 5 to hydrate, hydrolyzed collagen to moisturize the skin and strengthen the skin barrier, niacinamide to brighten, and aha complex to remove dead skin cell and balance the skin.

This is honestly genius. It’s perfect to carry around traveling or if you just need to remove your makeup in the middle of the day. It’s gentle and hydrating while removing makeup. It can also be rinsed with water and leaves the skin soft and smooth without any filmy residue left behind. If you like cleansing oils and are always traveling, this is good to bring without worrying about spills.

To brighten and moisturize, The C Activating Serum contains 15% ascorbic acid, 7.5% hyaluronic acid, and 2% arbutin. In terms of brightening, this did the job. I noticed that my skin looked more radiant after 1 week of use. In terms of lightening dark spots, though, this doesn’t work as fast as the other vitamin c serums I’ve used. Also, it might have hyaluronic acid but it doesn’t hydrate my skin enough. I tend to get oily by the afternoon if I use this in the morning.

The Face & Neck Sparkling Mask is sort of a DIY sheet mask that works to remove oil and dead skin cells, cleanse pores, improve skin barrier, and brighten, hydrate, and balance the skin using hyaluronic acid, panthenol, hydrolyzed collagen, centella asiatica, and citric acid.

Contained in an injection-like packaging, the essence is meant to be applied on the face before it’s covered with a dry sheet. After 20 minutes, it is to be rinsed with warm water. This is fun to use because I can control the amount of essence that I can use. The gel felt cool and calming to the skin and after putting the dry sheet, this felt like a sheet mask. It feels gentle on the skin and once rinsed, it leaves the face hydrated and soft. I like to use this as a hydrating mask on days when I am not physically exfoliating my skin as it provides intense moisture and hydration. This has become a favorite because my skin feels healthy and balance every time I use this.

What k-beauty brand is without a sheetmask? For 11 Huesday, they offer the Skintectonic C5 Soothing Mask. This mask aims to moisturize and soothe dehydrated skin using botanical camphor and five kinds of plant callus (damask rose, indian lotus, tomato, camellia, and yuzu). It had a strong soothing smell that reminded me of and aromatherapy oil. The actual sheet was thick and each pack contains an abundant amount of essence that one sheet session can last for more than 30 minutes. This is a good mask on days when your skin is looking for some moisture and soothing.

These 11 Huesday products are honestly a surprise for me. I feel like they would work for those who are looking for gentle products that will help make the skin look and feel healthy and balance. The standouts for me are the cleansing mist and the sparkling mask. They helped strengthen my skin barrier while hydrating and moisturizing my skin without clogging my pores or making my skin oilier.

The 11 Huesday Extra Shiny Cleansing Mist, The C Activating Serum, Face & Neck Sparkling Mask, and Skintectonic C5 Soothing Mask were provided by @11huesday. Available at

Skincare Review: Tia’m My Signature Vita B5 Toner, My Little Pore Fix Source, Snail and Azulene Sleeping Mask

I have such high regard for Tia’m because their C20 (when they were still called OST) was my first vitamin c serum and it helped clear my skin completely. They sent over a few products, which, of course, I have high expectations on.

Formulated with pro-vitamin b5, natural moisturizing factors, peptide, and betaine, the My Signature Vita B5 Toner ($16.77), is an alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and low ph toner that promises to hydrate, balance, and retain moisture to the skin. This is a good and inexpensive hydrating toner that does what it promises. It’s light yet hydrating and it also removes residual dirt from my skin. It feels soothing if applied after exfoliating and feels balancing to the skin.

The My Little Pore Fix Source ($21.77) promises to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, refines skin texture, and control excess oil and sebum production from the skin using tanin, sesaflash, conalbumin, and centella asiatica leaf water. I love the color of its bottle as it gave me an impression that it would give me a cool feeling when it’s applied on my skin–and it did. It felt cool and gentle on the skin in the first minutes after application. It was easy to incorporate in my routine and it was able to balance my skin. Used in the morning, it helped manage my skin’s oil production. However, I only saw a subtle difference in terms of my pores. It didn’t change in size, it just made them look flatter.

A sleeping mask for tired and stressed skin, the Snail & Azulene Sleeping Mask ($25.41) contains 85% snail secretion filtrate, azulene, allantoin, panthenol, and betaine go strengthen the moisture barrier, enhance skin elasticity, and provide long-lasting hydration. As gross as others would be, my skim actually reacts positively to snail ingredients. This sleeping masks, as expected, felt sticky and not so lightweight. However, it didn’t bother me because I only use it at night. This smells good and feels calming to the skin so I like using this on days I chemically and physically exfoliate.

With the budget-friendly price range of these K-Beauty products, I would say these products are worth a try – the toner and the sleeping mask if you are looking to hydrate and soothe the skin and the serum if you are looking for a product to manage your oily skin.

The Tia’m My Signature Vita B5 Toner, My Little Pore Fix Source, Snail & Azulene Sleeping Mask were provided by @tiamglobal. Available at