Bodycare Review: Herbivore Botanicals Jasmine Body Oil and Coconut Body Oil

Trying products made me realize just how much I prefer body oils over creams. I easily sweat so the tackiness cream products give isn’t really for me. I like how body oils moisturize my skin even though it sinks in quickly.

The body oils from Herbivore Botanicals promise to offer concentrated moisture while nourishing and hydrating the skin.

The Jasmine Body Oil ($44) works for glowing and hydrated skin using camellia seed oil, grapeseed oil, and jasmine sambac oil.

Another variant is the Coconut Body Oil ($36) that aims to hydrate and nourish the skin with coconut oil, coconut pulp CO2, orchid extract, and camellia seed oil.

Both oils moisturize my skin. They both feel nourishing and they also helped with my dry patches. I like the Jasmine Body Oil better than the Coconut Body Oil because of its floral scent that just feels relaxing. It just smells amazing, however, it just feels too thick for me. When I use both oils, can still feel it even after a few hours. So, I have relegated using Jasmine Body Oil at night before I sleep to get smoother and softer skin in the morning.

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Selfcare Review: Provision Scents Dream Extract Room and Linen Spray, Connection Lip Rescue, Manifest Body Oil

What selfcare routine do you do before sleeping? The past month, I have been playing with these cute trial-sized goodies from Provision Scents before getting some zzz’s

After doing my face routine, I spray the Dream Extract Room & Linen Spray ($9.60), which is infused with french clary, Italian bergamot, sheer woods, and amber. I like how this gives off a strong yet soothing smell. It really does seem to invite dreams before dozing off.

I apply the Connection Lip Rescue ($44) as I watch a show, which is most recently Crash Landing On You. This contains shea butter, avocado oil, vitamin e, and rose wax to moisturize, soften and condition the lips. This #lipbalm can also be used to moisturize your cuticles and other drier parts of your body if you prefer. This balm has a citrusy floral scent and a little goes a long way. It feels a bit thick but it did soften and moisturize my lips after waking up.

As the last step, I use the Manifest Body Oil, which has a blend of amla, avocado, and almond oils with shea butter to soften and condition the skin. I usually prefer body oils over body creams. This one has a candle-like scent and feels thick on the skin. Due to the thick consistency of this oil, I only apply this on my foot, elbows, and knees. So far, this has helped moisturize those parts of my body.

The Provision Scents Dream Extract Room & Linen Spray, Connection Lip Rescue, Manifest Body Oil were provided by @provisionscents. Available at

2019 Bodycare Favorites

Unlike my face, I have extremely dry skin in my body and these products helped me moisturized it.

Ouai scalp and body scrub – i love how this just melts into your skin. It also moisturizes my skin and it smells amazing

Huxley secret of sahara body oil: moroccan gardener – this one has that quintessential huxley smell. I like using this right after exfoliating

Herbivore Botanicals jasmine glowing hydration body oil – as you can see, i prefer body oils over cream. this one is a recent addition. I like using this at night because the oil smells and feels calming to the skin

Body Care: BeautyBio The Radiance | Body

After discovering how much comfortable I am with body oil, I have since preferred it over body creams. I have a few body oils in my stash and a few months ago, The Radiance | Body from BeautyBio was added to the lineup.

This body oil also acts as a hair oil and nail oil . It promises to rescue dry skin, lackluster hair, and brittle nails using a combination of jojoba, apricot, and olive oils to hydrate, protect, and nourish the skin. It smells like berries and feels light and smooth to the touch. It also feels moisturizing but it feels tacky afterward when applied directly to the skin, which surprised me. I have extremely dry skin on my legs and I was expecting this to sink in so quickly that I would have to apply it twice. It doesn’t completely dry and as a matter of preference, I like body oils that dry matte.

I prefer this as a nail oil and the dropper is really helpful in controlling the amount of product I need per application. It helps soften and moisturize the skin around my nails.

The BeautyBio The Radiance | Body was provided by @beautybio . Available for $60 at

Brand Overview: Salt By Hendrix

Australian-made and cruelty-free, Salt by Hendrix offers vegan skincare that nurtures the skin.

Don’t be fooled by the calming light blue color and inviting jelly texture of the Crystal Waters Mask ($45). This girl stings. It promises to intensely hydrate, brighten, and even the tone of the skin using d-panthenol, pentavitin, kakadu plum extract, hyaluronic acid, aloe vera powder. Luckily, my face is not that sensitive and I only felt tingling on the first swipe. It doesn’t hurt so I pulled through it and the tingling sensation was replaced with a cooling one after a few seconds. It has a runny texture so some dripping might occur but it’s not that messy, just a few on the nose area because of the curves. Thankfully, none down the neck. I like using this after doing some intense exfoliation to prevent dehydrating my skin.

First off, the Botanical Facial Serum ($45) looks like an oil. It’s not, it’s actually watery with a certain viscosity to it. It promises to soften fine line and enhance the skin using aloe leaf juice, panthenol, citric acid, kakadu plum extract, and flame tree extract. This is a good everyday serum for me as it provides a good base for my actives. It feels nourishing despite the lightweight texture and I like that it dries easily. I can use it morning or night, which is not usually the case for my serums. I have seen this help with fine lines but this offered additional hydration and nourishment to my skin, especially after using actives.

The Nourish + Revive Oil ($35) has a fruity smell and my skin just absorbs this so quickly. Even when applied, this doesn’t feel tacky at all. Promising to soothe, hydrate, rejuvenate, and restore the skin using rosehip, argan, marula, almond, orange sweet, and cedarwood atlas oils, this #bodyoil was able to moisturize my dry patches in just two days of use and kept it soft even after a few days of use. My skin just responded to the mix of oils this has.

For some color and care, Cocolips ($24) contains coconut oil, castor oil, carnauba wax, cocoa butter, argan oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter to hydrate the lips all day long.

I have the shade Ruby and it’s a subtle red shade that dries matte but doesn’t feel drying. I like that it comes in a tub so I can easily control how red I want my lips to be.

Using these products were a nice experience for me and I enjoyed using everything especially the face mask, the serum, and the body oil as they nourished and hydrated my skin.

The Salt By Hendrix Crystal Waters Mask, Botanical Facial Serum, Nourish + Revive Oil, and Cocolips were provided by @saltbyhendrix and @beachhousepr. Available at