Skincare Review: Belif Aqua Bomb Mist and Sleeping Mask

I’m one those people who actually got excited when I found out that Belif is releasing more products from the Bomb Collection. One of my fave moisturizers, The True Cream – Aqua Bomb (those with oily skin, you have got to try it!) got some friends to offer the ultimate hydration to your skin.

The Aqua Bomb Mist ($34) promises to hydrate the skin and give it a healthy glow using the Aqua Bomb’s lady mantle extract and star weed. These ingredients also work to soothe and moisturize the skin.

It has a gentle and fine mist that that has a fresh scent similar to the true cream aqua bomb. It feels hydrating and nourishing to the skin. It also leaves a slight cooling sensation which gradually intensifies as it dries. I like using this before applying makeup and during the day when my skin is feeling dehydrated. I also sometimes use this face mist as a hydrating toner after exfoliating because of its nourishing benefits.

I fell in love with the Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask ($34) on first application. This sleeping mask has a pudding-like texture that aims to rejuvenate and replenish dull, dry, and fatigued skin with hydration. It contains herbs like scottish heather and lady’s mantle to hydrate and moisturize, napiers aqua formula to boost hydration, and hyaluronic acid.

It smells exactly like the true cream aqua bomb and it glides onto the skin like silk. It has a cooling sensation that immediately relaxes the skin and leaves a bit of a tacky finish but it dries faster than other sleeping masks. Like I can actually feel it seeping into my skin. There are immediately softening and plumping effects making my skin look and feel bouncy just one my first use. The past month I’ve been using this, I really like how this keeps my face from looking dull and sallow, which I can usually achieve only when I balance my actives just right. My skin just drinks it up and I’m left with a radiant and hydrated complexion. I honestly think I found another holy grail with this sleeping mask.

These two prove to be another home run and I’m really thankful to have tried them. These two are meant for those looking to soften and hydrate their skin and those who are looking to leave their skin radiant and glowing. Aside from these products’ hydrating and soothing benefits, they are also made without parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, petrolatum, synthetic preservatives, dyes, fragrances, and animal origin ingredients so they are gentle on the skin.

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Cult Favorite: Belif True Aqua Bomb

I’m late into the game but I was excited to try #belif, specifically the True Cream Aqua Bomb. So when the brand’s Aqua Playland set landed on my doorstep, know for sure that I was squealing.

The Aqua Playland Set contains a full-sized The True Cream Aqua Bomb and travel-sized Hungarian Water Essence and Moisturizing Eye Bomb.

As well all know, The True Cream Aqua Bomb is a lightweight, oil-free gel cream that cools and refreshes skin while providing hydration. It contains lady’s mantle to help neutralize skin-damaging free radicals, support skin elasticity, and minimize the appearances of pores. I really hoped I would like this. I have been eyeing this for years and I have such high expectations. It’s one of the best moisturizers I’ve tried, honestly. It’s lightweight, moisturizing, and extremely hydrating on the skin. It’s perfect for oily skin types as a night moisturizer. It also smells clean and feels satiny on my face. Over time, this has made my skin softer, smoother, and extremely hydrated.

Overall, this set made me confirm how much I would love The True Cream Aqua Bomb and helped me discover other Belif gems.

#skinwhimsreview Belif Aqua Playland Set

This set was provided by @belifusa and @artisancouncil for review. Available for $38 at

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Warm Weather Beauty


Warm weather is a time for friends, vacations, and tans. For some, it is also a time for sweat, sunburns, overexposure to the sun. Similar to how we use particular products to our face for the winter, we also need to do some changes at this time. There are just some products that work best when the sun is up.

Cleanse Like You Mean It. For someone with oily skin like me, I rotate two cleansers during the warmer months. I use the Clean Bee from Farmacy daily for gentle but effective cleansing and the Exfoliating Cleanser from Zo Skin Health for those days when I’ve been outdoors for too long. This helps to remove all that extra grime and dirt my face encounters during the day. For removing makeup, which I never forget even after a long night, I go for the All Clean Balm from Heimish or the Under the Waterfall Crystal Cleansing Water from Girl Undiscovered. You bet, I have cleansed my face half asleep. Yes, I created a huge mess in my bathroom but I didn’t wake up with a pimple the morning after.

Exfoliate after Being Outdoors For Too Long. Twice a week, I use a more decongesting mask during these warmer months because I breakout more at this time. Oily skin types get greasier and if we’re outdoors for too long, there are more things we encounter that will clog our pores. I use the Sailor by CB Gentle Resurfacing Mask midweek to refresh and rejuvenate my skin or the Cleansing Clay Exfoliant from Alchemy Holistics if my face is really feeling clogged. I also use my trusty Sukari Baby Facial from Drunk Elephant during the weekends to get that renewed skin feeling after a week under the sun.


Clear, Bright Skin. Since I break out more during these warmer months, I go for toners and serums that will help prevent these. I also always use a more hydrating toner like Ultra Botanic Skin Water from A by Bom to hydrate my skin and help keep the oil at bay. I follow this with the Biologique Recherche P50 to help me eliminate blackheads and breakouts. I use the P50 sparingly as because of its strength and alternate this something gentler, like the Le Dew Aloe Facial Refresher Mist.

To treat my skin concerns, I use the Vitamin C Serum from Mad Hippie Skincare evens and brightens the skin tone. This serum is also great from those moments that can’t be helped – when breakouts and, consequently, dark spots can happen as this fast-tracks fading those pesky dark spots. I always reach for the Moisture Serum from Pyunkangyul to hydrate and moisturize the skin. Whenever I use this, I don’t get that oily throughout the day.

It’s Warm but It Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t Moisturize. Even with oily skin, long exposures to the sun can cause your skin to dry out. Keeping your skin hydrated and moisturized is key. For the face, I use the True Aqua Bomb from Belif, which is a gel-type moisturizer that soothes, moisturizes, and hydrates the skin after a long day. In the morning, I use the Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet from Caudalie in the morning because it’s lightweight, dries matte, and it reduces the redness around my nose.


Don’t Forget About the Rest of Your Body. The rest of my body is as dry as my skin is oily. The All in 1 Beauty Aid Cream from Touch In Sol is a savior as it contains ceramide to provide a non-sticky and easily absorbed moisture to the skin. For my hair, I use Prose to condition my hair. They customize their products from season to season, to address climate concerns like humidity, UV, wind, and pollution and they base the formula on your zip code.

For my hair, which gets drier as the temperature rises, I like to keep it natural and use the Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray from Dry Bar. With this, I can just loosely twist my hair, spray this on, leave it for 15 mins, and I will get beach waves that will last for 6 hours before I see a slight limping. If I want a more stylized look, I will reach for the Fatboy Hair Sea Salt Pomade as this doesn’t make my hair look frizzy, especially at the ends. It can make my hair look undone and but not crazy. It’s also great for creating a tousled look. Both products also get you in a good mood because they both smell beachy.


If I’m looking to glow, I go to the Plum Rose Organic Body Oil from Coast Sydney Botanicals. It’s not sticky and it creates a subtle sheen, which of course looks great while you’re lounging outdoors. Most importantly, however, we need protection. I usually reach for No Excuses from Julep, which I use for every day. When I’m going to the beach or know that I’m going to be under the sun for too long, I use the Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector from Shiseido it’s light, oil-free, and appears matte when applied to my skin.

Of course, we need some color. Makeup Sticks are my go-to for this time. Multi-purpose products are paving the way to packing light after all the Lip Crayon from Axiology in Bliss as it gives me the perfect salmon pink lip. For natural-looking rosy cheeks, I go for the Cream Blush from Nui Berlin in Pititi. It’s a lifesaver because I can use this on my eyes as well. For a punch of highlight, I use Glossier’s Haloscope in Topaz for a dewy sheen.

With this long list, I can now focus on how to pack them all.