Makeup Review: Rouge Bunny Rouge Sweet Excesses

I am not really a gloss person but your girl can have fun once in a while. The Sweet Excesses from Rouge Bunny Rouge promises to be a glassy gloss that provides fullness and shine while being creamy and long-lasting. They have the shades Rosehip Panna Cotta (cool nude pink), Crème Caramel (warm nude beige), Coral Macaron (warm coral pink), Berry Sorbet (berry pink), and Red Velvet Tart (deep red).


These glosses are indeed creamy and the rich colors are carefully interwoven with the shine these glosses provide. I was honestly surprised by the pigmentation because they look like matte liquid lipsticks but shiny. For me, the gloss is a bit shocking, almost like glass. I would rather use this during an event because it’s almost attention-seeking, the high-shine this provides. It lasts until after a few drinks and when the shine is gone, you’re left with a hint of color.

The Rouge Bunny Rouge Sweet Excesses were provided by @rougebunnyrouge. Available at

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