Selfcare Review: S & Co Luxury Silk Pillowcase, Eye Mask, and Hair Srunchie

I love to sleep. I really do. Not in the I’m-happy-I-got-8-hours-today way. I’m more of an I-would-sacrifice-human-interaction-to-get-sleep kind of person. I’m at that level where my bedroom has dark paint, blackout curtains, and my bed and pillows are the most expensive things in my house. I usually just have a cotton sheet but it would be in bad taste if I don’t try silk.

S and Co Luxury Silk sent over their products, which uses 19-30 momme mulberry silk, and promises luxury silk that promises to help reduce redness, limit puffiness, give crease-free skin.

I have the Silk Pillowcase in Champagne, 19 Momme, which feels so soft and smooth. I’m not even kidding, it feels really relaxing to lay my head on something this soft. I also have the Silk Eye Mask in Gold, which aims to help avoid premature wrinkle formation. This is not my first Silk Eye Mask and I have experienced and enjoy having silk over my eyes as I sleep. What sets this apart, though, is the actual fabric feels heavier and yet softer than the others.

They also sent some scrunchies, made with 22 momme silk for tangle-free hair. Granted, these products are luxurious but what I noticed after using them for about a month is how, I don’t loose that much hair. My hair also doesn’t tangle and they also feel softer. My skin also looked more together, probably because of all the good sleep I’ve been having.

The S & Co Luxury Silk Pillowcase, Eye Mask, and Hair Srunchie were provided by @scoluxurysilk. Available at

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