Brand Overview: Kate Ryan Skincare

From Ohio, Kate Ryan Skincare aims to create skincare products made in small batches that are made of quality ingredients and are affordable, plant-powered, and cruelty-free.

The Salicylic Cleanser ($35) contains salicylic acid to exfoliate, DMAE to firm, alpha lipoic acid to refine, and coffee fruit and green tea extract to protect the skin.

This gel type cleanser feels gentle and smells citrusy. It doesn’t strip the skin of oils and leaves it feeling plump and moisturized. As a matter of preference, I enjoy using foaming cleansers more but this exfoliating cleanser is a good option for days when I really want to deeply cleanse my skin.

Containing natural fruit enzymes like pumpkin, pineapple, papaya, and kiwi, the Clearly Radiant Enzyme Mask ($32) to clarify and renew the skin. It also contains gotu kola and hyaluronic acid to also smooth and firms the complexion. This gentle #facemask, softens and nourishes my skin so I like using this when I need an additional glow to my skin. It leaves my skin so soft and hydrated afterward.

The Collagen Booster Intense Repair Serum ($38) promotes collagen synthesis with hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, centella asiatica, and stabilized vitamin C. It also has hyaluronic acid and DMAE to condition and strengthen skin’s collagen, and resveratrol, phloretin, alpha lipoic acid, and green tea to protect the skin. This is best used for me thrice a week as it helps lessens the look of dullness and makes me look like I had more sleep than I really did.

To lift and firm the skin, the 4% DMAE Firming Repair Serum ($38) uses a blend of DMAE, collagen peptides, centella asiatica, alpha lipoic acid, and hyaluronic acid. This does help in firming some not so firm parts of my face however, this leaves my skin feeling dehydrated and I wake up with oilier skin than usual.

With 1% retinol, the Retinol Evening Renewal Serum ($28) also has hyaluronic acid, ferulic acid, niacinamide, and B5 go to clarify the skin and help with hyperpigmentation, moisture retention. I’m always looking for a product that will help with post-blemish pigmentation and this is a really great find for me. My skin loves retinol so this expectedly helped clear, brighten, and hydrate my skin.

I really enjoyed trying these affordable and cruelty-free products with the Enzyme Mask and the Retinol as the favorites. Save for the DMAE Serum, all products provide hydration and brightness to my skin.

The Kate Ryan Skincare products were provided by @kateryanskincare. Available at

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