Supplement Review: Adour & Kin CSERA

Aside from religiously doing my selfcare routine, I’ve also recently incorporated CSERA from Adour & Kin, and ingestible for skin, hair, and body vitality.

The CSERA ($110) contains freshwater collagen peptides, nerina strawberry extract, red grape skin extract, black elderberry extract, freshwater microalgae, grape seed extract, sakura extract, rice extract, and tuna elastin peptides. These ingredients promise to maintain skin tone, suppleness, elasticity, replenish vitamin c levels, provide antioxidants, and help with hydration and moisture retention.

I really like how this collagen powder doesn’t have an overpowering fish-like smell which is what I’ve experienced with other ingestible. It does have the usual aftertaste but with this one, it’s so subtle. I’m also impressed with how big one tub is. I’ve been drinking it with tea every night before sleep for more than I month now and I don’t think I’ve even made a dent. I feel like it helps keep my skin plump and soft. My nails are also aren’t as brittle and I don’t feel as tired as I normally would.

The Adour & Kin CSERA was provided by @adourandkin.

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