Skincare Review: Instytutum Flawless Hydra Mist and Hydrafusion 4D HA Hydrating Water Burst Cream

After tackling blemishes, oiliness, and congested pores, I’ve been in hydration kick and Instytutum sent over their newest products, which promises to hydrate the skin.

The Flawless Hydra Mist ($45) promises to be a cloudlike face mist that hydrates, smoothes, replenish moisture, and relieves dryness using low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, polysaccharides, provitamin b5, and allantoin. I love the spray of this one, it feels light on the skin as it lets out a fine mist. However, it sprays straight forward instead of enveloping your skin with the product. It lands softly, though but I only use this before applying makeup, not after. I feel that it also works well like this because it sinks in quickly and leaves a certain dewiness to the skin. It’s not as hydrating as I would like so I only use this to supplement the hydrating serum I apply in the mornings.

With four molecular sizes of HA, the Hydrafusion 4D HA Hydrating Water Burst Cream ($65) aims to target the different layers of the skin to replenish water from outside and hold water levels from inside and give the skin improved elasticity and suppleness. It also contains ATP, algin, papaya extract, sea algae, papaya enzymes, tri-peptide, jojoba ester, glycerine, squalene, apricot oil, vitamin e, and provitamin B5 to brighten, smooth, and plump the skin.

I was really excited when I opened this. As seen in the photo, it has a light and watery gel texture that feels light and cooling to the skin. This moisturizer has a lightweight feel to it but is creamy to apply despite its texture. Sadly, I don’t know why but squalene makes my skin oily so I wake up with an oily t-zone whenever I use this. However, I like how this sinks in quickly after application and leaves the skin plump and feeling satiny the morning after I apply it.

The Instytutum Flawless Hydra Mist and Hydrafusion 4D HA Hydrating Water Burst Cream were provided by @instytutum and @bluewheelmedia. Available at

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