Skincare Review: Dear Packer Black Ginseng Gold Mask and Hydrogel Mask

Now available in Ulta, Dear Packer is a K-Beauty brand that uses ingredients from nature and its products are formulated without tar dyes, artificial fragrances, paraben, mineral oils or TEA.

The Black Ginseng Gold Mask ($30) uses pure gold and black ginseng from Geumsan in Korea to nourish and boost radiance to the skin.

This has a gel-like texture that feels like cool jelly on the skin. It honestly feels so calming on the skin especially after having my skin exposed to humidity and heat. I treat this as a sleeping mask because of its texture. Even though this nourishes the skin, it does not hydrate my skin enough and the mask, when used with thick cream products, tends to sit on top of my skin but it does fulfill its claim of brightening the skin.

What K-Beauty brand would not have a sheetmask? The Black Ginseng Gold Hydrogel Mask ($4) promises to nourish the skin. My oily skin really prefers hydrogel sheets so this is right up my alley. It does nourish the skin and leaves it feeling plump and soft. Since the mask is separated into two parts, it is much easier to fit as well.

The Dear Packer Black Ginseng Gold Mask and Hydrogel Mask were provided by @dearpacker and @chokchoksocial. Available at

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