Brand Overview: Han Hoo

On warmer days, I switch around some products – cooling and lightweight products take over the creamy and heavier types. K-Beauty brand HanHoo sent over watermelon-based products to help with the heat while promising to take care of my skin.

The Watermelon Illuminator Daytime Facial Oil ($16) aims to hydration using watermelon and grapefruit extracts.

The Watermelon Illuminator Overnight Serum ($24), on the other hand, promises to provide hydration and brightness with watermelon and apple extracts, sodium hyaluronate, and niacinamide.

Both promise nourishment from day to night, by keeping the face moisturized all throughout. While my skin felt nice afterward, I found that the consistency of the two didn’t work best for my oily skin. They were heavier than other oils and serums, leaving a slightly sticky effect.

On the other hand, Blemish Patches ($5) works to reduce the size, redness, and appearance of blemishes. The hydrocolloid material claims to absorb pus and impurities while also serving as a protective barrier against picking fingers or outside bacteria. This blemish Patches work just as they should. Coming in a pouch of 36, different sized patches, they reduce pimple size or remove them without leaving scars. They’re a bit thick and may be visible so it is recommended to be used at night, but they do the job well.

The HanHoo Watermelon Illuminator Daytime Facial Oil, Watermelon Illuminator Overnight Serum, and Blemish Patches were provided by @hanhoousa and @piercemattiepr. Available at

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