Skincare Review: Temple Spa Purification, Be Clear, Moisture Matte

Temple Spa promises provide skincare products that feel like “spa wherever you are.” Even if their spa is only in one location, they offer a wide array of products targeting specific skin concerns. They sent over a few of their products for my oily skin and easily clogged pores.

An anti-blemish and purifying clay mask, Purification Deep Cleansing Mask (£28) contains ingredients like kaolin, algae extract, tea tree leaf oil, sugar cane extract, date fruit extract, plantain leaf extract, sage oil. It aims to banish blocked pores, breakouts, blackheads, and oily skin. This feels and smells like the spa making application a relaxing experience. The face mask smells like a mix of mud and mint and the texture is a bit stiff. It took some work to spread it on my face using my spatula. It also spreads thickly but doesn’t feel tightening on the skin. I am surprised how gentle this feels on the skin while it dries but decongesting results are visible upon rinsing. I use this once a week for 20mins to deeply cleanse and decongest my skin.

Be Clear (£40) targets blemishes, age spots, uneven skin tone, and discoloration with witch hazel water, black tea ferment, cress sprout extract, rapeseed extract, and lavender oil. This has a viscous yet light texture that sinks in quickly in the skin. I like using this as a morning serum as it applies thin and doesn’t interfere with my makeup application. It has helped smoothen and brighten my skin. Fortunately, I haven’t had a blemish while using this product and I think this, along with the actives I use, helped keep my skin clear.

Just the name of this moisturizer, Moisture Matte (£38), will pique the interest of everyone who has oily skin. Out of the three, this is the first product I used because it promises to moisturize oily and congested skin using apricot kernel oil, olive fruit unsaponifiables, pomegranate seed oil, and gingko biloba leaf extract. This is instant love. It’s clear, has a gel-like texture that sinks in so quickly. It feels silicone-like somehow. Helps keep my face matte for about 3 hours under a radiant finish foundation, 4 if I use a matte finish one, before I have to blot. I hardly use moisturizers in the morning and just focus on applying hydrating products but I really enjoyed using this as my morning moisturizer. It keeps the oil at bay, doesn’t dehydrate my skin, helps make my makeup stay on for longer, and leaves my skin feeling fresh.

The Temple Spa Purification, Be Clear, Moisture Matte were provided by @templespa and @chalkbeauty. Available at

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