Skincare Review: Lixirskin Electrogel Cleanser and Soft Clay Rubber

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they don’t have time for a skincare routine after a long day at work. For the skincare community, I know, the horror. However, I kind of get it. There are also days that I can’t, or at least don’t want, to be bothered my usual full routine before calling it a day.

Created for the busy people who like skincare but do not like lengthy routines, Lixirskin offers universal and multi-tasking, but pretty-looking, products for everyday use.

A cleanser and a mask in one product, the Electrogel Cleanser, (£25) has a creamy and milky consistency. It works as a cleanser and a mask so after massaging it on your face, you can leave it for a minute. The name of this face cleanser comes from the negatively charged electrogel that it has to go dissolve makeup and dirt. It’s meant to be applied with damp hands, massaged for a minute, then left on for another minute before removing it with a cleansing cloth. It can also be used as a face mask when applied to dry skin and left on for three minutes.

It feels more like a moisturizer and as a cleanser, it amazingly didn’t leave a filmy residue. I like how gentle it feels on the skin but it effectively removes dirt and makeup. It also doesn’t strip the skin of oils and leaves it soft. I rinse this with water, as I have always preferred, so this acts as a first cleanser for me.

A quick use face mask, the Soft Clay Rubber (£28) has a rubbery consistency and texture. It’s a rub-off formula that combines enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation for the skin. It has keratolytic enzymes to break down the keratin of dead cells that blocks pores and white clay to clear congestion, draw out impurities, and reduce excess sebum.

This is a quick mask fix as it only takes a few minutes to apply and rinse. It feels a bit warm on the skin and gives a tingling sensation for a few seconds. It dries matte and rubbery but surprisingly rinses off so easy. It strips the skin of oils, which I like, and leaves it smooth and deeply cleansed. This would be a great mask for those long days or if you’re traveling and need a quick routine but also need some detoxifying.

I like how gentle both these products feel on the skin while to helps cleanse and exfoliate it. They are good skincare options for deep cleansing and purifying without leaving the skin tight or dry. I also like the compact and travel-friendly packaging making it easy to bring them around.

The Lixirskin Electrogel Cleanser and Soft Clay Rubber were provided by @lixirskin and @fullmontyldn. Available at

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