Skincare Review: Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask

Just so we’re clear, I am here to publicly eat my words because I found my favorite scrub when I have repeatedly said I hate scrubs.

It’s all because of Joanna Vargas and her Exfoliating Mask. This exfoliating treatment promises to draw out impurities and clean pores. It contains galactoarabinan from larch tree, kaolin clay, lactic acid, kojic acid, fruit enzymes, and volcanic ash to help resurface, brighten, smooth, and leave the skin glowing. This exfoliator is mean to be applied thinly on cleansed and dampened skin. Then you scrub it for one minute or leave on as a mask for 15 minutes before rinsing it with tepid water.

This has a very runny and liquid consistency but has exfoliating bits that are a bit coarse. You all know I don’t like that but I powered through it because it doesn’t feel rough, at least. The massaging part was a bit difficult for me because the coarseness of the exfoliator hurt a bit as I am not used to using something this severe. When I let it sit for 5 minutes, it feels like a mask with some drying and tightening sensation.

Upon rinsing this off the first time, I was so amazed as to how my soft and smooth my skin felt. Like a baby’s butt. This feeling also didn’t only last overnight. The softness and smoothness of my skin lasted for days. Over time, this has helped improve the texture of my skin and has also brightened and softened my complexion. This has been a mainstay in my routine since I first tried it and I use it once a week to deeply exfoliate my skin. So yes, I sort of convert of scrubs but only for this one.

The Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask was provided by @jvskincare and @skinallies. Available for $75 at

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