Skincare Review: Commleaf Zero Made Green Cleansing Balm

Since cleansing balms are my fave, I had to try the Zero Made Green Cleansing Balm from Commleaf. This cleansing balm promises to melt all traces of makeup while leaving the skin hydrated and nourished. vegan and cruelty-free, it contains green tea seed oil, argan oil, vitamin tree oil, and neroli oil to also condition, clear, and soothe the complexion.

When it comes to texture and consistency, it is very much similar to Emma Hardie. The only difference is the color as this one is green. It feels like it as well, the blobs and solid balm emulsifying quickly into an oily texture as soon as it comes to contact with the skin. It gently and effortlessly removes makeup. It smells exactly like green tea too.

I like how it has no other artificial fragrance in it to enhance its scent. It’s also the same with the Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm in terms of rinsing as it doesn’t get removed using only water. It’s so oily I had to do my second cleanse twice. So, unfortunately, this didn’t work for me as it’s better removed with a cleansing cloth instead of the prescribed lukewarm water.

The Commleaf Zero Made Green Cleansing Balm was provided by @commleaf. Available for $32 at

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