Selfcare Review: Apa Beauty White Duo, Tooth Gloss, Lush Lip Balm

I have never tried whitening my teeth, save for a few whitening tubes of toothpaste so I was really interested when Apa Beauty sent over their whitening kit.

I tried Apa White Duo ($150) which contains the White Pen and the White Film, a two-step process to whiten the teeth. I tried using it for 90 minutes every day for 5 days. The pen provides a bit of a tingling sensation that lasts for a few seconds but isn’t bothersome. The film can feel a bit thick but once it was molded to my teeth, it clings to my teeth, making the waiting process more tolerable. After 5 days of use, I definitely saw brightening on what the film can cover. My two front teeth didn’t have any noticeable differences the others, after five days, seemed a half a shade lighter.

They also sent over the Tooth Gloss ($28) to give extra shine to the teeth and the Lush Lip Balm ($35), which has a balmy texture and appears like a gloss on my lips. It contains shea butter, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil to moisturize the lips. I prefer a more nourishing balm with no gloss for every day but I enjoy the cooling feeling this balm offers. These two, I feel like, will amp up my mouth game on a special night.

The Apa Beauty White Duo, Tooth Gloss, Lush Lip Balm were provided by @apabeauty. Available at

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