Skincare Review: Akar Clarify Face Oil and Pure Lip Restoration

Inspired by Tibet’s natural beauty, Akar (a Tibetan word for white crystal) creates nourishing skincare products sourced from Tibet and eco-friendly suppliers. Their EWG-certified products contain ingredients that are organic, wild harvested, or gathered from the Tibetan plateau and are made without synthetic fragrances, detergents, harmful chemicals, or preservatives.

Blue tansy, german chamomile, argan oil, and safflower oil make up the Clarify Face Oil ($90) to clarify, balance oil, and calm inflammation without drying the skin.

I had high expectations on this #faceoil because it contains ingredients that my #oilyskin loves. It looks green and has a heavy plant smell, which I actually like. It feels and looks a bit heavy and the same weight is felt as I massage it on my skin. It takes a while to sink in so I only use this at night. Even before I sleep, I can still feel some of the oil on top of my skin. It feels nourishing, though, so I like using this if my pores feel clogged and after some deep exfoliation. I would always wake up to glowing soft skin after use. However, I have other products that do the same in textures that I prefer better.

My new favorite is the Pure Lip Restoration ($30) which promises hydration using castor seed oil, almond oil, beeswax, baobab seed oil, goji seed oil, and seabuckthorn fruit extract.

It has a light balmy texture but it doesn’t sit on top of your lips. It also doesn’t have any sheen or gloss and is colorless so it’s perfect in the morning before applying makeup and in the middle of the day for reapplying over lip colors. It just glides on the lips easily and most of the time, I don’t feel the need to reapply because it’s effect last for so long.

The Akar Clarify Face Oil and Pure Lip Restoration were provided by @akar. Available at

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