New In: Volition Beauty Celery Green Cream

In collaboration with five-time Olympic medalist Nastia Liukin, Volition Beauty created the Celery Green Cream to bring the benefits of celery to skincare.

Launching on July 2nd, this vegan moisturizer promises to improve hydration retention, reduce excess oil, fight against free radicals, improve skin texture, and minimize the appearance of pores and inflammation. The face cream is also cruelty-free, gluten-free, and it contains celery seed extract, hyaluronic acid, peptides, and extracts or green tea leaf, apple, raspberry, cucumber, and lavender for a purified, smooth, and plump complexion.

First off, I very much enjoy the cooling sensation this provides once massaged onto the skin. It was very soothing after spending some time outdoors. It feels lightweight and gentle on the skin also I still like using this at night. Those who have less oily skin than I do would enjoy using this in the morning as well. I tend to just use serums in the morning so this was assigned as part of my night routine. It has a pudding-like texture that feels watery once applied. It leaves the skin feeling soft and hydrated and for the week that I have been using this, it has yet to clog my pores and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy and looking shiny the morning after. It dries matte but leaves the skin looking and feeling plump. My skin has been reacting so well with the celery seed extract so I can’t wait to use this more, especially on the day when I’ve spent a lot of time outdoors.

The Volition Beauty Celery Green Cream was provided by @volitionbeauty. Available for $55 at

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