Cult Favorite: Indie Lee Clarity Kit

With its minimal and pastel-colored packaging and the rave reviews, Indie Lee is a brand I’ve been wanting to try for so long. With their products made with synthetic chemicals, Indie Lee created an “eco-chic” skincare and body care line that appealed to so many people. They sent over their Clarity Kit, which has the Purifying Face Wash, CoQ-10 Toner, and Active Oil-Free Moisturizer, contained in travel-friendly containers.

Removing makeup and impurities, the Purifying Face Wash uses java plum, orange and lavender extracts, clove, burdock, mandarin, rose damascena, and jasmine for clear, bright, and soft skin. The facial wash has a strong smell upon application. It lathers and cleanses the skin leaving it fresh. It doesn’t completely remove oils and as a matter of preference, I want my cleansers to really offer me a clean slate.

The CoQ-10 Toner promises to hydrate and rebalance the skin’s pH level hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, CoQ-10, and sage. This toner smells cool and citrusy. I like this as a hydrating toner that can be used either morning or night. It hydrates the skin that it helps to keep the shine of my oily skin at bay while keeping it moisturized

Using daisy, immortelle, milk thistle, clove, burdock, and pomegranate, the Active Oil-Free Moisturizer is an oil-free moisturizer that promises to soothe, brighten, calm, and condition the skin. For my skin, this is best used at night as this makes my skin oily in the morning, especially since the weather is getting warmer nowadays. It does moisturize the skin.

Overall, I enjoyed trying these products and found that I love using the CoQ-10 Toner and it became my go-to hydrating toner that past month. It goes so well with my routine and helped soothe my skin after exfoliation without being too heavy for my skin.

The Indie Lee Clarity Kit was provided by @indielee. Available for $29 at

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