Brand Overview: The Wildist

With the promise of elevating daily essentials, The Wildist created products that are gentle, made from natural ingredients, and are recyclable.

Their Natural Toothpaste comes in 3 flavors – Brillimint, Soothinger, and Dreamomile. Available for $7 each or as a bundle from $18, these tubes of toothpaste are vegan. Brillimint has a peppermint and spearmint flavor and uses white tea and goji berry. Soothinger is recommended for those with sensitive gums, contains turmeric and ginger root, and has a ginger and wintergreen flavor. The Dreamomile promises to whiten teeth using activated charcoal. It also contains spearmint and chamomile.

It’s my first time trying an organic toothpaste so I tried Brillamint first to slowly ease myself in. I figured it will have the closest taste to a normal toothpaste. It has a minty flavor, of course, and taste like normal tubes of toothpaste the market. It’s also equally cleansing and equally refreshing. Surprisingly enough, Soothinger doesn’t overly taste like ginger. The minty taste is what prevails. I don’t have sensitive gums but this actually felt soothing and has the same feel as Brillimint. They both don’t lather like the normal toothpaste that I use but they still feel cleansing. Out of the bunch, Dreamomile is the closest in terms of feel and texture to the toothpaste I use. It foams more than the other two and best used at night as it feels more hardworking in cleaning the teeth. It also provides subtle whitening but what I like best about this are the consistency and texture. It feels a bit coarser than the other two and feels like it deeply cleanses my mouth.

They also offer a Natural Deodorant ($14) and I got mine in Tangellow. It aims to work for those with sensitive skin and adds a layer of moisture. It uses hop to prevent odor and tapioca starch to prevent wetness.

This is my second time using a natural deodorant and I have to say, this provided me a much better experience than the first time. The deodorant has a subtle citrus scent and dries clear on my underarms. It managed the sweating better and didn’t give off a bad odor after 12 hours of use, even when I was outdoors. It lasts the whole day if I’m just in the office and half a day if I’m outdoors. It has also helped whiten my underarms and gave me a refreshing feeling all day long.

Another like, the products from The Wildist not only comes in a cute, displayable packaging, they are also effective and a great alternative to those looking for a natural alternative to their essentials.

The Wildist Natural Toothpaste and Deodorant were provided by The Wildist as PR. Available at

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