Brand Overview: Bioderma Sebium Line

I think we all know Bioderma and what their Sebium range is. For those who don’t, Bioderma is a French drugstore brand that has been around since the 1970s. Their sebium range offers anti-blemish treatments that directly act on oily skin types with the Fluidactiv patented complex. This complex regulates sebum quality, keeps pores from becoming clogged, and limits the formation of blemishes.

Bioderma’s Sebium range, catering to those with oily and blemished skin, with their Fluidactiv complex, has the complete routine. Here’s what they are recommending to cover the first three steps of your routine.

Sébium H2O is a make-up removing micellar water for combination or oily skin. It aims to regulate oil to prevent clogged pores and clear up the skin. This is my first #bioderma product, my first micellar water, and my first ever documented empty. I had high expectations on this one and it fulfilled them – it’s gentle, it removes makeup, and it works perfectly with my #oilyskin. I love that it comes in different sizes. There was a time in my life that I had all sizes located in three different places.

Sébium Gel Moussant aims to cleanse the skin and limit the formation of blemishes. It contains purifying agents, zinc sulfate and copper sulphate, to clear the skin and limit oil production. The Gel Moussant smells like Sebium h2o. It has a soft gel texture that forms into a mild lather. This feels really gentle on the skin. I use it as a morning cleanser and it can effectively remove last night’s dirt without stripping my skin.

Sébium Gel Gommant is an exfoliating gel that aims to refine the skin texture, tighten pores, and brighten the complexion. It contains micro-beads, with glycolic and salicylic acid, to act on pimples and blackheads. I was never a fan of microbeads and scrubs so I used this one that much. It’s a matter of preference, honestly. I would rather exfoliate with wash off masks. However, I had to say that this exfoliating gel feels gentle and clearing. I mostly pull this one out whenever I feel like my skin is clogged. Also, I only use this on the problematic parts of my face.

The Pore Refiner is a correcting concentrate that aims to tighten pores, refine skin texture, mattify, prevent blemishes, and preserve the skin’s natural radiance. I’ve been using this on and off for about 2 years now but never got around in reviewing it. It’s a good everyday mattifier and it blends well to medium coverage foundation. It can help mattify my skin for about 6 hours.

Mat Control is a moisturizing product that aims to regulate shine, refine the skin texture, and tighten pores. Like the pore refiner, this dries instantly. It makes me feel like it’s easier to apply sunscreen, less tacky when I use this. It provides a nice canvas. Made my forehead oily after about 4 hours during warmer weather, more during the colder months.

AI Correcteur claims to eliminate pimples and brighten the complexion with zinc gluconate, enoxolone. The first two products, I’ve tried but this is a revelation. I love the green corrector attached to the tint. It also has a small mirror, which makes it very handy. It was able to eliminate redness around my nose but only for about 2 hours. It has a hard texture that blends best with my fingers, which is apt with the handy packaging. The tint is very runny and has a watery texture. Best applied with a buffing brush. The light, which doesn’t really seem light, color suits my skin. It dries quickly and creates an even complexion. Lasts for about 4 hours and that is already set with powder. This great for short weekend errands.

Overall, I think it’s nice that a brand offers effective and inexpensive products specifically for oily skin types. This is a great intro to skincare, especially for teens who have skin concerns.

The Bioderma Sebium products were provided by BiodermaUSA. Available at

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