Cult Favorite: Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream

I have lusted over the Dynasty Cream from Beauty of Joseon since I started getting into skincare and kbeauty. The packaging, firstly, looks insanely beautiful. I have never seen anything like and the attention to detail is something I can really support.


Based on what I read, the brand’s products are inspired by beauty rituals of the noblewomen of South Korea’s Joseon Dynasty. Their best selling product, this cream promises to provide moisture, balance melanin production, and firm and improve the elasticity of the skin for a fair, soft, and youthful complexion. It contains niacinamide, Korean ginseng and orchid extracts, Epidermal Growth Factor, and ceramide 3. It also has olive, sunflower, sea buckthorn, argan, shea, and safflower oils and calendula, radish, rice, gourd, orchid, honey, and ginseng extracts.


The #moisturizer comes in an elegant looking frosted glass jar that seems to come from the olden times. The smell does too, with its strong and lingering scent that smells like a blend of flowers and herbs. Though it’s called a cream, this, for me, seems more like a watery gel in terms of texture. It’s definitely not as thick as most creams, which of course is loved by my #oilyskin.


Though I like applying this at night during my #pmroutine, I have no problems layering thick serums before this and a sleeping mask after. That’s what I like about this, it’s light enough for me to do a long routine but moisturizing enough to satiate my skin and prevent it from feeling dehydrated. It also doesn’t feel oily, despite its oil ingredients. It just leaves my skin silky soft, which is rare for a moisturizer in this texture. After a couple of months of using this, I have also noticed how this helped brighten my skin, evened my tone, and left it glowing. This will serve me well come warmer days.

I would recommend this to oily skin who wants a light moisturizer that not only feels luxurious on the skin but also helps in moisturizing and brightening.

The Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream was provided by beautytapofficial for review.

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