Bodycare Review: Bali Body

Australian and vegan-friendly, Bali Body aims to nourish the skin with their cruelty-free products made in Melbourne.

The BB Cream SPF15 ($29.95) is a multitasking beauty cream that promises to combine hydrating skincare benefits to protect, correct and perfect the skin.

It has a very light texture and applies thinly on the skin. It also smells like summer, which is needed for these colder days. It’s perfect for me – application makes me feel like I’m on vacation without the sweat. It has a sheer coverage and was able to provide an even application on my skin. Even if it’s applied with a brush, it doesn’t look streaky. It just looks dewy without looking greasy on the skin making me look like I had a good sleep the night before. It covers a bit of the redness on some parts of my skin but would need a concealer’s help to cover undereye circles and dark spots. I would need to blot after about a couple of hours but what I like about this is that I don’t look like I’m in need of a good wipe. I just look glowy and dewy. The coverage lasts the whole day as well. My makeup, if unretouched, tend to just disintegrate. This one, however, looked fine when I got home. A bit oily all over, yes, but not embarrassingly so. The oiliness seemed light and even in a way.

The Luxe Moisturising Lotion ($24.95) is a natural body lotion that contains vitamin e to provide hydration and antioxidants to smooth, soften and repair the skin. This moisturizes the skin and leaves it smelling like coconuts. The packaging is so compact that you can bring this anywhere if you want to reapply on the drier parts of your body. I like that this sinks in quickly on my skin and it doesn’t feel tacky after application.

The Watermelon Tanning Oil SPF6 ($22.95) uses watermelon seed oil to enhance your tan. I don’t regularly tan as tanning oils can make my skin looky ashy. However, I love watermelons so I can’t resist this. This leaves my skin glowing and even leaves my skin soft and smooth. It has a nice runny texture that doesn’t leave my skin feeling sticky.

These Bali Body products were provided by Bali Body and Red PR for review. Available at

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