Makeup Review: Catrice Cosmetics Precious Pigments Loose Eyeshadow and Pure Pigments Lip Lacquer

I love makeup, I really do. I’m just so lazy to do it every morning. I have gotten good into putting foundation, some tinted balm, and eyebrow makeup everyday but that’s about it. I wish I had more energy to put something elaborate.

#catricecosmetics have multi-purposes and inexpensive makeup promising payoff and color that can be used from day to night.

The Precious Pigments Loose Eyeshadow ($5.99) promises to provide buildable coverage and can be used as as an eyeshadow, an eyeliner, mascara topcoat, lipstick, highlighter, foundation illuminator, nail polish augmenter, body lotion shimmer, among others. Achieve a mix of metallic and glitter effects.

This is best applied using a wet brush for me. The pigments feel soft and silky on the application and it doesn’t irritate my eyes. As for the payoff, I would use a primer and a wet brush and it would last for about 3 hours before the color slowly fades. This can be used for a lot of things but I like using this as an eyeshadow and as a highlighter. Definitely for going out this holiday season.

The Pure Pigments Lip Lacquer ($7.99) is designed to be pigmented liquid lipstick that leaves a lacquered shine finish without the stickiness.

These have a shiny finish and almost felt like the color is painted on. It doesn’t dry matte and doesn’t last as long as other liquid lipsticks but what this can offer is that it doesn’t feel drying and it doesn’t emphasize the lines of the lips. The colors are vibrant and don’t bleed over time. It feels comfortable on the lips and can last through drinks.

#skinwhimsreview Catrice Cosmetics Precious Pigments Loose Eyeshadow and Pure Pigments Lip Lacquer

These products were provided by @catricecosmetics and @sirenpr for review. Available at and

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