Skincare Review: LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt, Nilotica Lip Melt, and Crème du Nil

Leila Janah founded #LXMI when she discovered Nilotica by chance. The rare butter, she found, has the ability to moisturize and help make the skin luminous, hence it became the star ingredient of the brand’s #skincareproducts. As a result, they now have their exclusive form of the butter, Nilotica Reserve, from high-grade nuts of the Nile River Valley.

100% organic, single-ingredient, promising to be a skin savior, the Pure Nilotica Melt ($28) nourishes the skin and help smooth visible imperfections. This feels really balmy and thick on the skin and smells like ointment. Despite the texture, it’s easy to apply and feels light on the skin. It feels ok to use overnight, as it says on the packaging, because you can almost forget about it after you apply it. No big change in my complexion after I used this, though my face, hands, and dry patches did feel less dry, which it normally does after I wash it.

The Nilotica Lip Melt ($22) is a 100% natural lip treatment that aims to help rejuvenate and relieve dryness during the day and throughout the night. This applies thinly and smells a bit minty. It feels smooth and doesn’t clump. It has a slight sheen to it but fades after a few minutes. I like that this almost feels like nothing,q like I didn’t put something on my lips. It’s not as heavy as those deep moisturizing lip balms, but I like it for everyday use. It feels a little lighter and less bothersome while nourishing and moisturizing my lips.

The Crème du Nil ($24) claims to hydrate the skin using Nilotica Reserve. It also uses hibiscus flower acids to exfoliate skin’s surface and Ugandan vanilla to help preserve skin against the aging process. This is a really light and flowy cream that smells creamy with a little hint of floral, not overpowering, so it’s nice to use on the face. It’s a primer but it also feels a lot like moisturizer, which creates a great combo. It makes my skin feel cool, fresh, and dewy upon application, but creates a really smooth and even base for makeup as it gets absorbed. And because it lends a dewy-ness to my skin, I believe it helps my makeup stay on longer. However, on warmer days, I can feel the oil ingredients in this primer as it seems to sit on top of my skin. I would recommend this to dry skin types.

For extremely dry skin, these LXMI products is a great natural option as it evidently moisturizes the skin and provides nourishment to the complexion.

These products were provided by @lxmi for review. Available at

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