Holiday Kit 2018: Morgan Taylor Forever Fabolous Marilyn Monroe Collection

Before I even got into makeup, I used nail polish to express myself. There were too many rules when we were in high school and I worked around it by wearing neon colored nails on my toes and glittery polish on my fingers. It’s an inexpensive way to put color in places the teachers wouldn’t expect. I used to have boxes and boxes of polishes because I do my nails on my own. Then work life got in the way and I depend on a nail salon to do that for me and pick the colors from their stash. However, I still keep a few favorites and still keep up to date with collections.

Morgan Taylor recently released their Marilyn Monroe Collection for Holiday 2018. The Forever Fabolous Marilyn Monroe Collection taps into the old Hollywood tones that capture the spirit of the actress for #foreverfabolousnails.

The collections offer muted cold tones to capture the jewels and movies of Marilyn and encapsulates the look and feel of these colder months and vibrant deep reds, which I think captures Marilyn’s sexiness and is perfect for holiday parties. A few favorites are the baby blue crème Blue Eyed Beauty, soft nude crème She’s A Natural, red shimmer Wish Upon A Starlet, and bright red glitter Some Like It Red.

*These products were provided by Morgan Taylor and Red PR for review. Available at


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