Cult Favorite: Biologique Recherche Lotion P50

I think we all know by now what Biologique Recherche can do but I also want to share my experience with the Lotion P50. It started when I read about the product on the blog of Caroline Hirons (yes this is also a #carolinehironsmademedoit post). I bought the travel-sized option to try and just when I was thinking about buying the full-sized bottle, Vicki Morav reached out to me. I was jumping up and down ecstatic, to say the least.

The P50 Lotion is an acid face toner ideal for normal to oily skin. It promises to exfoliate the skin, purify pores, regulate oil production and re-balance the pH of the skin. It has exfoliating, moisturising and reconditioning agents like poly, alpha, and beta-hydroxy-acids, cider vinegar, phytic acid, and sulphur. It also has purifying and sebum-regulating agents like horseradish, magnesium chloride, vitamin b3, burdock, sorrel, onion, myrrh, and myrtle extracts.

This is the product I’m honestly the hardest on. Save for rants about a smell, I have never read a downright negative review on the product so, I have really high expectations. Yes, it smells like vinegar but unlike some of the reviews I read that the smell lasts for a while, mine dissipates after a few minutes. Yes, it stings. I used to use it 2-3 times a week then switched to once daily and I figured that for my oily skin, this stings more on the problematic parts of my skin or if I skip using it for too long. Within 3 days, I saw change in the evenness of my skin texture and my skin was positively bright and glowing. It also healed a few breakouts within days, leaving a few spots which lightened in about 3 weeks. I rave about a lot of products that has helped with the texture of my skin but this one has completely changed it, especially where I got blackheads on. I have also tried not using this continuously and the difference is noticeable. My skin is less clear and bright. This honestly has helped make my skin look healthier, more even, brighter, and clearer. I am in love with it and I can’t go without it!

*The Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 was provided by @biologique_recherche and for review.

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