Cult Product: Su:m37 Secret Essence


I have been testing a few cult k-beauty products (as if I don’t rave enough about korean skincare) and Secret Essence from Su:m37 is one of the products that I was most excited about because I have never read anything bad about this.

The products from Su:m 37 mainly uses naturally fermented ingredients. Their the only brand whose products are manufactured in their own Natural Fermentation Research Institute.

The Secret Essence uses the natural fermentation technology. It’s from more than 80 plant extracts fermented and aged in cedar barrels under an optimal temperature of 37˚C and humidity for at least 365 days. It also contains an exclusively patented ferulic acid and Cytosis, which aims to rebuild the foundation of good skin and strengthen it against external pollutants and aggressors. It also promises to improve the skin’s tone, brilliance, firmness, texture, and hydration after just two weeks of use.

This has a slight fermented smell and has a light but viscous texture. It sinks in quickly and immediately leaves the skin feeling plump and soft. It’s nothing unusual compared to the other fermented essences I have tried but this has a lighter consistency while still providing the same effect. From the packaging, it looks heavy and creamy but it couldn’t be farther from that, it almost feels like water. As for the long-term results, this plumps and softens the skin. I can count on this to help moisturize and hydrate my skin. It also gives off a relaxing and hydrating feel, which feels so great as I do my #pmroutine. It works for #oilyskin, because of its texture and how quickly it gets absorbed, and I would recommend this for those who are in urban areas because of the antioxidant ingredients this has.

This product was provided by @sum37 and @meibekorea for review. Available at

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