New In: Function of Beauty (Psst)achio

Function of Beauty (Psst)achio

Function of Beauty offers customized hair care products free of sulfates, parabens, toxins, and animal testing and is also based on hair type, hair concerns, and hair goals. You can also chooses the actual product color and add your name in the packaging.

This vegan brand just released their new limited edition fragrance, (Psst)achio. Inspired by the ultimate Parisian getaway, #psstachio is a sweet and spicy scent with notes of pistachio, cardamom, and milk accord.

As a lover of floral scents, (Psst)achio’s smell is a welcome surprise for it. It’s a perfect balance of spicy, milky, and sweetness. I got mine in medium strength its faint yet refreshing whiff lasts all day. As for the actual product, I am having so much fun trying this out. I like how soft these leaves my hair. During the day, my hair feels controlled – frizz-free and shiny but not limp and greasy. It provides just enough volume. My hair doesn’t look volumized at all but it provides a nice I woke up like this body, which is great for every day. I can’t wait to play with it more!

These products were provided by @functionofbeauty for review. Available at

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